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It’s never too late to become an Oululainen!

Oulu’s ICT expertise is some of the world’s best. The future is being created in our international work environments. Here you have limitless opportunities for career development – and still time to live your own life.

Oulu is a twelve-minute city where everything is near you. Here, it is possible to lead a lively city lifestyle surrounded by nature in a four season cycle. The living costs - and even your dream house by the sea - are affordable. We have plenty of options for recreation: there are up to 700 events organized in the city every year and, on the other hand, the nearest fell area is only an hour’s drive away. There are a quarter of a million of us, we are young and innovative - and we know what good life is.

Whether you’re single, with family, at the start of your career or an expert: It is never too late to become an Oululainen and get a good life. Browse through our vacancies now. You’re warmly welcome to the cool North!

Oulu is a brain belt area, where the smartest people live. In these communities, a combination of forces—visionary thinkers, local universities, regional government initiatives, start-ups, and big corporations—have created brainbelts.

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I think Oulu is the world’s best place, second to none, for radio access engineering.

Rajeev Suri, CEO, Nokia