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What is The Responsible Workplace -community?

Oikotie Responsible Workplace -community (=Vastuullinen työpaikka in Finnish) is a group of organizations that have come together and embrace the seven principles of responsible employment.  

The way we see it, trust and transparency are defining qualities on our journey towards a more responsible and fair working life. Together we, as a community, strive to make progress, take action and influence the Finnish working life in a positive manner. 

Some of the organizations within our community have just set out on their responsibility journey, while others have travelled the road transparently for a while. What they all share, is a willingness and commitment to constantly develop their practices and take action to become a more responsible employer for their employees. As a community we learn from each other, set an encouraging example and make a difference through our actions.

Develop your actions and increase your responsibility with our surveys.

We have annual surveys examining the responsibility of employers, where the most successful workplaces are rewarded. By participating in our surveys, organisations are competing against other employers to win the titles of the Most Responsible Workplace and the Most Responsible Summer Job of the Year. The results of the competitions are based on how the employees of each organization rate their employer. In 2022 we had over 16 000 people participating in our surveys. In both of our competitions (Responsible Summer Job, Responsible Workplace), the best employers are chosen, based on their overall rating in three categories: Small and medium-sized (less than 250 employees), Large (more than 250 employees) and 1000plus (more than 1 000 employees). 

As a member of the Oikotie Responsible Workplace -community...

you can invest as much of yourself as you can and want. Whether you’re a basic member, a partner or a main partner, you get to tell job applicants about your efforts on behalf of a more responsible and sustainable working life.

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Responsibility is not about short campaigns. It requires continuous, long-term efforts, which is why we no longer talk about campaigns. We want to urge every organization to take action and work towards becoming a responsible employer, because words are simply no longer enough. Now is the time for action.​​​​

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The Principles of Responsible Workplace and Summer Jobs:

1. We respect the candidate.

Our communication with our candidates is interactive, humane and clear.

2. We provide a proper orientation to the job.

We provide a sufficient induction to the job and support our employees as they start working independently. New employees are always accompanied by a more experienced colleague during their first shift. Work safety is introduced especially at the beginning of the employment.

3. Our supervisors exist for the employees.

Every employee has an immediate supervisor available to them and the roles are communicated throughout the organization. Our supervisors are trained to help and identify challenges in advance and to help our employees to overcome them.

4. We provide meaningful work that fosters development. 

Regular performance appraisals allow us to consider the desires, development opportunities and career advancement prospects of our employees. Our employees are offered the possibility to influence their job description in order to ensure that the job continues to be meaningful today and in the future. 

5. We address unequal treatment right away.

We treat employees fairly in terms of their salary, duties and roles. We encourage everyone to be themselves and do not discriminate against anyone. Employees have been clearly informed of how they can report any issues they observe. All issues are dealt with appropriately.

6. We take care of employee wellbeing.

Resources and the duration of the working days are planned in a manner that enables our employees to cope with their workload and help them not to feel overwhelmed. We listen to our employees and show flexibility at different phases in life.

7. We pay a fair salary. 

Salary is an important motivational factor, which also increases the meaning of work. The basis of salaries should be open and clear in the organization. Employees get paid on time and accurately.

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