A1 Autotalo
10/2020 -
I spent a one-month job-training session in this place to learn how to washing, vacuuming, waxing, and polishing the cars.
Now, I am familiarized with different Finnish methods and cleaning substances. Also, I completely learn how to changing
tires in various cars and get experienced in rudimental maintenance works of cars.


Farid Cover Fixer Furniture Store
2/2015 - 8/2020
Since all members of my family are involved in the family business of cover fixing (upholstery) of Furniture from the past to the present, I have been working in a family workshop called “Farid Furniture Store” for the last few years. I have been working part-time since my childhood, but in previous years I work more professionally.
I worked as an upholsterer, cleaner of furniture and sofas, carpenter, marketing manager, delivery services, and manager in those years. Because it is a family business and also I cooperated with my father and uncle, I do not have any work agreement or insurance records.


Pak Royal Compony
1/2011 - 12/2011
During my military service, I worked part-time in a cleaning job. I almost do every cleaning, but since I have experience in furniture cleaning, after 2 months I mainly clean the houses and offices.


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