BARONA Lapland Oy
11/2019 - 4/2020
▪ greeting of customers as they arrive at the buffet table; providing customers with information on set dishes, and their ingredients when requested; offering plates to customers and assist them in putting food items on them; ensuring of prompt and polite service to the guests; responsible for preparing service stations; receiving orders, serving and presenting the check to guests; cleaning and resetting tables; cleaning and closing service stations; assume responsibility for proper set-up of dining room section and help with all work stations; describing menu items in detail to guests etc.

Waiter / Waiter (chef de passé)

PLAY RESTAURANT & LOUNGE, H Hotel – Floor 36 Office Tower, One Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai 4011, www.playrestaurants.com
10/2017 - 11/2019
▪ report for duty punctually for every shift, in complete, clean uniform; good knowledge and understanding of all food and drink menus and an in-depth knowledge of those for my department to ensure the best service for the customer; preparation of the restaurant for service following the established checklists for my role and as directed by the Supervisor or Manager; to serve food and drink, consistently achieving the established agreed standards of service, providing excellent wait service to ensure satisfaction, ability to serve in a supervisory capacity etc.

Waiter / food runner

PLAY RESTAURANT & LOUNGE, H Hotel – Floor 36 Office Tower, One Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai 4011, www.playrestaurants.com
11/2015 - 10/2017
▪ greet customers and seat them according to their preferences; taking orders; my job is to assist to the wait-staff and to deliver food to the tables; food serving; to answer questions about the food and the facility’s service while serving the food; some secondary tasks such as cleaning tables, bussing tables, filling glasses etc.

Switching locomotive engineer / driver

D.O.O. Euro Gas
2/2015 - 6/2015
▪ inspect locomotive to verify adequate fuel, sand, water and other supplies before each run and to check for mechanical problems; while the train is in operation my job was to monitor the speed, brakes and other gauges to make sure the ride is smooth and is operating correctly; transportation of gas in the industrial zone etc.

Plumber assistant

Private business
2/2013 - 1/2015
▪ preparing a construction site for the shallow foundation of a new object; clearing the site; using, delivering or holding materials or tools; laying a foundation; installing drainage; thorough understanding of installing, repairing and maintaining pipes used for water distribution and wastewater disposal; highly skilled in troubleshooting and adapting to different plumbing situations etc.

Forestry worker

Private business
4/2009 - 7/2012
▪ inspect equipment for safety before using it and perform necessary basic maintenance tasks; set up and operate saws that cut wood such as circular and chain saws; fasten cables around logs to be dragged by tractors; dispose of waste materials after completing work assignments; count, sort or stack finished work pieces, grass cutting etc.

Switching locomotive engineer / driver

‘’Serbian railways’’ ad
2/2007 - 3/2008
▪ perform both preventative and general maintenance tasks; before every operation the mechanical aspects of the locomotive must be checked to make sure the train is ready for operation; monitor gauges or meters that measure amperage, battery charge or air pressure in brakelines or in main reservoirs; maneuvering; drive freight or passenger trains from one place to another in accordance to predefine schedule etc.

Construction worker

Private business
9/2001 - 7/2006
▪ assist construction site workers in erecting structures and demolitions; unload and load construction materials; distribute materials; erect concrete forms and scaffolding; mix and pour concrete; level concrete and earth using trowels and shovels; remove debris; clean up spills and remove hazardous material etc.


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Secondary School of Traffic ‘’Pinki’’
9/1998 - 6/2001