Cofounder / Director of commercial projects

5/2016 -
Kapter is a Solution Center with infrared Radiation part of the id + T sector. Second Infrared Radiation Laboratory in Mexico and first with the use of equipment developed in its own way, equipment that has been patented (3 patents and 5 more in process) and winner of several awards at National and State level.
Principal Activities and Responsibilities:
Manage the conditions and necessary resources for the development of client projects, government entities, educational institutions and any other, which can be carried to be able to materialize and satisfy customer requirements, as well as obtaining commercial results.
Follow up and elaboration of projects of Innovation and technological development.
Execution of thermographic inspections in industry and consultancy in measurements with the use of infrared radiation. Participation in innovation projects Through Technology Management Models.
In case of absence of General Direction take care of the activities of that position.

Service Manager

10/2012 - 4/2016
Responsible for the largest service area of the country's Chrysler Distributors.
Principal Activities and Responsibilities:
Coordinate and administrate the department of service as well as the department of Body Paint of the Distributor as well as the customer services and special accounts. Generate business opportunities that increase the sale of Labor as of Repairs through the mechanical workshop. Generate continuous improvements in quality and satisfaction processes to customers as well as to improve the productivity and efficiency of the mechanic workshop.
Engage business alliances with the business sector, government and Insurance Company to improve the daily vehicle entrance and the total sale as per unit.
Develop and execute process improvements that allow analytical base to achieve the established objectives. Coordinate the relationship with the Union. Coordinate the Distributor's Rewards Program.
Responsible of the Dealer: Average monthly income of 1,200 Monthly vehicles in the mechanical workshop and 200 vehicles in the body paint workshop with about 80 people in my charge.
Responsible of the Chrysler– Fiat branch with an average monthly income of 150 vehicles in the mechanical workshop with 10 people in my charge.
Main achievements:
Change the sales trend of the workshop to positive. Increase of 12% of sales through the workshop (fact YTD 2014 vs YTD 2013).
Resume sale as the number one national Distributor for sale of labor sales and Spare Parts through Service (2014 and 2015).
Increase of labor sales y Spare parts of 6% in Mechanical Workshop And 18% in Body Paint in the first half of 2015 vs. 2014.
Increase of 32% labor sales of Body Paint of 2015 vs. 2014
Increase in Warranty Extensions being the number one Distributor for sale in the 2014 area.
Increase in satisfaction indicators to reach up 94%.

After Sale District Manager

10/2009 - 9/2012
Working together with Chrysler Distributors in the Pacific and West of the country in the area of Service and Spare Parts establishing business strategies to increase the sale both of labor sales as of spare parts. Review and monitoring of operating rates in both areas and customer service, As well as the guarantees. Monitor training levels of technicians. Promote retention and loyalty of costumers through of prospecting and quality standards in the service.
Responsible for 18 Distributors and 7 branches without reporting directly, but monitoring their performance and achievement of objectives.
Main achievements:
Increase in Service Retention from 2009 vs. 2008
Increase in the sale of total spare parts from 6% de 2009 vs. 2008
Increase in sales of labor sales in 2% from 2009 vs. 2008
Implementation of Standard Service Processes (2010)

Sales District Manager

11/2006 - 9/2009
Working in conjunction with Automotive Distributors Northwest Chrysler in the sales zone, establish joint strategies to increase the sale of vehicles, increase market share, improve inventory quantity and mix and increase the operating profit of the Distributors. Set and track total sales targets and follow up of vehicles. Establish improvements to increase customer satisfaction.
Responsible for 11 distributors and 8 branches without reporting directly but monitoring its performance and achievement of objectives.

Spare Parts District Manager

11/2003 - 10/2006
Working in conjunction with Chrysler's Pacific and West Country Automotive Distributors In the area of spare parts, establish strategies and objectives to increase sales of parts through the service area, Retail sales and wholesale channel. Establish and implement plans to increase sales, Decrease inventories, Generate more rotation, Decrease obsolescence and increase operating income of the area.
Responsible for 24 distributors and 8 branches.
Main achievements:
Maintain for two consecutive years the area with the highest sales
Increase in satisfaction rates of Distributors

Analyst Hyundai

11/2000 - 10/2003
Coordinate the preparation of Hyundai Parts Catalogs both in printed format and the preparation of the electronic format. Coordinate different areas to bring and distribute the spare parts from Korea. Provide support in specifications to the Network of Distributors.
Main achievements:
Maintain the Hyundai assortment of first-hand parts in a 92%
Elaboration of the first electronic catalog of parts Hyundai

Preventive Maintenance Manager

3/1999 - 10/2000
Principal Activities and Responsibilities:
Coordinate and supervise all activities of Preventive Maintenance of the Production Plant and structure of the building. Coordinate corrective maintenance. MP2 Maintenance System Computer Management.
Responsible for 8 maintenance technicians reporting indirectly.
Main achievements:
Launch of MP2 Maintenance Management System.


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Master Chef on International and Mexican Gastronomy

Instituto Gastronomico Internacional
3/2010 - 3/2011
Elintarvikeala ja biotekniikka

Mechanical Engineer and Administration

ITESM Campus Querétaro
8/1995 - 5/2000


Thermographer Level II
Infrared radiation specialist with the use of thermography with certification on ASNT and ISO 18436-7