Enterpriser - Construction engineering, administration

self-employed (Czech Republic)
1/2013 -
▪ managing own projects (small reconstructions, cottages, garages, small family houses) from the contacting of client to obtaining official building permits (technical drawings for regular building permits supervised by a chartered engineer)
▪ obtaining contracts, communication with clients, measuring and drawing the actual state of construction, design, technical reports and drawings, negotiations with authorities, assembling documents for official procedure, obtaining permits


Finnish family
9/2015 - 5/2016
▪Taking care of three kids (boy 7 years, 3years, girl 3 years).
▪Teaching them English.
▪Housework (tidying up, laundry, gardening, taking care of a dog)

Executive chairman of the architectural charity organization

Civic Association Nezevli jen tak o.s. (Czech Republic)
1/2013 - 9/2015
▪the organization focused on: sustainable urbanisation of the countryside, especially landscape architecture with respect to the
needs of local people.
▪ preparing village development plans, managing participation process, popularization of bottom-up processes,
lectures, work with children, organizing workshops where students of architecture design their own projects
cooperating with locals, obtaining official perms for these activities

Legal department assistant in the Director General's office

The National Heritage Institute, Prague (Czech Republic)
9/2014 - 8/2015
▪ Institution taking care of historically valuable property of the Czech Republic (buildings, pieces of art etc.)
▪ communication with other related persons and institutions (Ministry of culture, experts, courts, architects,
owners, universities, churches), administration of professional documents (contracts, historical surveys,
tenders, drawings etc.)

Private Teacher

Fialka agency or self-employed (Czech Republic)
1/2011 - 12/2014
▪university students: math, descriptive geometry, art history
▪high school students: math
▪after-school activities: Computer science - basics, PE


The National Heritage Institute (Czech Republic)
1/2009 - 12/2011
▪Including special tours focused on architectural and religious significance of various historically valuable objects


  • EnglantiErinomainen
  • TšekkiÄidinkieli
  • SuomiAlkeet
  • SlovakkiErinomainen
  • PuolaAlkeet


CommunicationOrganisationDriving license BAutoCADArchicadGimp (freeware similar to Photoshop)Microsoft OfficeSlack, goodle drive, shared files database


Master of science - architecture

Tampere Uiversity of Technology
8/2016 -
International degree student at TUT
Architecture, urban planning


Czech Technical University in Prague
9/2011 - 5/2015
Architecture, urban planning, construction egineering
final thesis: The Štvanice theatre