Admirals LLC - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
4/2012 - 2/2016
Joining company as Sr. Manager to develop new meat lines (Beef, Wagyu, Milk Fed Veal and Lamb) with brand development including business plan & sales strategy development.
Advising new businesses connections in UAE market and to be one of the most recognized quality providers in this segment (Chilled high end meat).
Admiral LLC has over 15 years experience in UAE market with very high reputation and quality products from Europe and all over world. More than 16 high recognize brand.


The Food Source International - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
4/2009 - 4/2012
Food Source International is a Dubai based food -import and -service company which specializes in top end products for top end users,mainly Beef, Wagyu, Milk Fed Veal and Lamb but also seafood, game, specialty cheese and other specialty items
Food Source Internationalis currently servicing to 5* and 4* Hotels,Restaurants,Airlines and catering companies in the UAE and also handling some exports to CIS countries, but is always looking to increase its customer base, without compromising the service provided to existing customers.


Caviar Classic-Red Carpet Restaurant & Lounge
6/2009 - 12/2009
(Private consulting project aside of my normally work)

Red Carpet Restaurant & Lounge.
Souk Qaryat Al Beri, Shangri-La, Abu Dhabi

Restaurant and Lounge with project budget of 4 million dirham.
80 seat main dining and 20 seat bar.

Coordinates with the owners in finding the right restaurant design company. Coordinates with kitchen and restaurant layouts with design company. Manages with designers and all similar work in order to bring the Red Carpet outlet in an international expected level. Organize all equipments to kitchen and bar including S.O.E. Matching up and selecting right restaurant accessories material such as uniforms, cutlery, plates, grocery, etc.
Training and implementing standards to all staff s and chefs in an expected standard of management excellence.
Provides all S.O.P’s.
Finding right staff. Makes interview and chooses the best one.
Develop all menus for main dining and bar. Designs together with Executive Chef the modern and upbeat presentation of food.
Develop service and food for an international range of tastes and highest quality of service.
Create service contract with food and beverage suppliers.
Trains staff to maintain the Food Safety and Hygiene and makes the outlet a highest level of H.A.C.C.P. standards.


JM Food LLC - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
10/2007 - 5/2009
Organizing outdoor sales and developing the company product line which we are offering to all premier 5* and 4* hotels. Providing a marketing plan for the indoor and outdoor sales. Developing the indoor sales/telemarketing campaigns. Sourcing products from Europe, America and Asia. Launching our new product in the market. Searching in the market all the up-coming properties and business opportunities and introducing to them our company product line. Taking personal care of our top customers, top accounts and exclusive products. Providing training sessions for the indoor and outdoor sales to increase their product knowledge on our existing and up-coming products.


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