A grin spreads on Software Architect Ville Vahervuori’s face as he describes his job: “Thermo Fisher Scientific drives cutting-edge research, healthcare and food safety around the globe. I think fairly few software professionals have the privilege I do: playing a part in helping humankind."

Senior Software Engineer Matti Lammintausta shares his colleague’s views. The versatility and purpose of the job are significant contributors to his work satisfaction.

“We have three goals in everything we do: making the world safer, cleaner, and healthier. It’s highly motivating”, he says. 

Lammintausta and Vahervuori agree that major advantages of their jobs are the wide range of stimulating challenges and the innovative work atmosphere. Moreover, at Thermo Fisher Scientific, all software developers collaborate with an array of professionals on a daily basis, for instance microbiologists, chemists, physicists, and mechanical and electrical engineers.


Creating first-of-its-kind solutions

Lammintausta’s team specializes in developing software for clinical chemistry analyzers. He has a great deal of praise for his team.

“Our team is very cross-functional. We work with every aspect of software development from user interfaces to robotics steering and everything in between”, he says.

“We never work in silos. This gives us all the opportunity to develop into much more resourceful professionals. Working in a team that is so diverse and talented enables us to solve extremely difficult challenges”, he affirms.

For Lammintausta, challenges are the best part of his work.

“Our work is very agile, and we follow Scrum principles. Often our team is creating something for the first time in the world. We have the freedom to solve challenges in any way we think is best. This makes work very creative – and rewarding”, he says.

Lammintausta mentions developing the Cascadion SM Analyzer as an example of an especially satisfying project. The Cascadion is a first-of-its-kind, automated clinical analyzer, which utilizes robotics to provide results for a range of frequently ordered tests for example in hospital laboratories.

“Now our end users just feed a sample inside the analyzer and the results go directly to the doctor. The automated process saves a great deal of manual work and abolishes errors”, he explains.


Working with the newest tools and software

Vahervuori develops and maintains desktop software for microplate devices, and also creates embedded Windows solutions, mobile connectivity and automation interfaces for new and existing devices and instruments manufactured in Vantaa.

“We have so many interesting projects to work with, and we often start software development from scratch. Typical challenges are tackled in 6-12 months, so you remain highly motivated all through the process”, he says.

Vahervuori points out that his team is a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner: “It is recognition of our great track record in creating excellent software. It also means that we always have the newest tools, technology and software at our disposal.”

Like Lammintausta, Vahervuori also praises his team.

“The work atmosphere and team spirit is marvelous. Our division appreciates our work and we have very free hands in how we achieve our goals”, he asserts.


Additional perks sweeten the deal

Vahervuori and Lammintausta both say that they are pleased to recommend Thermo Fisher Scientific as an employer. In addition to their motivating jobs, Vahervuori and Lammintausta also commend some very practical issues, such as good healthcare services, a great location and excellent breakfast and lunch at the staff restaurant.

“Our location is fantastic. You can drive to work against traffic, and the train station is about a two-minute walk from our building,” says Lammintausta.

“And the food is excellent. We have people coming in from neighboring companies to eat at our staff restaurant every day,” Vahervuori says with a laugh.

• We employ 70 000 people globally. In Finland, we have more than 900 professionals, 600 of whom work in Vantaa.
• We are hiring professionals for a wide range of software engineering jobs, all the way from UI developers to embedded software developers. We are also interested in hiring professionals in different engineering fields, analytical chemistry, microbiology
• We are constantly looking for new talent. To find more information about current open positions, please visit jobs.thermofisher.com