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Tech Lead - Data Governance & Information Management

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Are you a Finnish speaking Master Data Management Rainmaker with strong Enterprise Data and Information Architecture gravitas? Are you a Shaper, capable of easy dialogue with Architects, Lead Developers, people in general? If you are a ‘performer’ who can lead our teams to the target state, and ready for a Group level role implementing data management solutions in an extraordinarily complex environment, this is it.



OP has begun a fascinating transformation this year, embarking on an overall path towards Agile. While we get closer and closer to ‘tribe’ and team autonomy, our focus has simultaneously headed towards technical alignment and sustainable development, building a real engineering culture. Less a bank and more a technology house, we have started seeing tangible improvements and increased efficiencies, while our internal cohesion and fulfillment is actually, joyous! Imagine that.  



One of the strongest points to mention about joining OP’s future as technology house (if ‘Master Data Management’ didn’t already entice you enough to drop everything and read this), is about balance: coming to work here is easy in that you will have balance, between work and life. Need to work from home one day? Need to leave by 3 to pick up your kid? Need to come in early so you can join your running club in the afternoon while it’s still light out? OP is the right place for you. We work to live. It’s in our Values: People First.



So now let’s carry on to who we are within OP:



Data Governance and Information Management:



Data is at the heart of current and future business development at OP, and at the core of this are 75 professionals sharing master data solutions, state-of-the-art interface services,  information management solutions and member banks' customer data solutions. Collectively, these create the preconditions for OP's operational business and accelerate the development of new services into high-quality data. Careful data management - data governance - ensures that we take good care of OP's information to also comply with the requirements of various regulations, including data protection issues.



Our tribe is an ‘enabler’ tribe, meaning we create services being used by other tribes to create services for customers. We know it seems fancier to work on the UI level but here we are in the background, providing Master Data. Although we don’t directly do customer facing applications, we have many critical links to other development tribes. Most of our people understand we are in a central role when it comes to creating sustainable data architecture. We are the glue, the cement to fuse elements that transmit information. In a more human analogy: If Data is the water of this company, we are the supporting elements to transmit this info into your bloodstream!



Within OP, Information management is a natural part of all the work that development tribes do.



The Job:



You will oversee all technologies being used in the development area on the tribe level. All databases, all integration mechanisms, all programming languages. You will monitor the total cost of ownership of the tech stack and licenses and app management that we purchase. You’ll make sure we have good architectures, cost efficiencies. If there is a spot you identify as ancient tech, you’ll pioneer its renewal, throw it into the cloud, and do it in a modern way.  



You’ll be in charge of describing and documenting the overall architecture that all this creates. You’ll use a common set of tools used by all Tech Leads in all tribes, and with enterprise architecture and shared repositories in terms of documentation. In this role you will also look at OP’s data holistically, all of the data at OP, not only the part that our tribe is developing. You’ll be creating capabilities to understand what data does OP have? Where is it? Who is in charge of it? What is the quality, the latency of it?  



No niin, Who are you:



You’re a smooth networker, since in many cases the solutions we need to build require expertise from different tribes: You’ll need to communicate with them to find common solutions. On the flip side of course, you’ll need independence, making your own decisions without asking a second opinion. In some cases there are no wrong answers, so collecting and calculating others’ opinions is the smartest way. The point is, we need (and will) trust you to make this call. Sometimes you’ll encounter a tough decision to make, which you’ll need the strength and conviction to just do it, then carry on the responsibility to live with your decision.



In this complex environment, we have historical layers stretching back decades that are still being used to run some business. Ideally you will have experience in grasping how to integrate applications from different generations. Maybe you still wear bell-bottoms in this skinny jeans world we live in, so to speak? (this author would if he could get away with it). You’ll ideally be able to handle the life span of some of our legacy applications, how to reconfigure and get rid of them. In the right way of course, so we don’t create disturbances for customers or our business.



We also expect you will be quite good at understanding total cost of ownership, not afraid of calculating business cases (working with an approximate development budget of €10M).



You’ll carefully take the time to synchronize schedules and proceedings with teams in other tribes to make sure whatever we build is with several tribes together, resulting in a meaningful sensible solution on the Group level.  



You need to work and play well with others. You’re a people person, willing to take a facilitative role and help people get shared compromises, and results in development. You might currently work at a big company, or a consulting company solving issues for big companies. Maybe in the financial industry, or then retail chains? Or a large Nokia-style company. (pre-burning-platform version). Possibly even a company in the public sector! Many of the national information development programs in Finland, they engage people that need to solve very complex information synchronization issues, since government systems are not perfect.



Your working style is systematic and careful. You work well with a variety of people and have excellent interpersonal skills in both Finnish and English. You understand the importance of data quality and supporting methods. You understand Information / Concept Modeling and Data Processing.You welcome success but you are also able to laugh at failures, taking things in a positive way to ultimately bring us a new way of thinking about things






  • Strong knowledge of Information Technology systems and architecture
  • Experience in developing enterprise information architecture
  • Experience in systems engineering and agile development
  • Master Data Management solutions for customer and product data
  • Experience in developing interfaces over collaborative data repositories
  • Familiar with AWS capabilities and architecture as well as metadata management
  • Experience in developing and maintaining business critical and high volume services throughout each life cycle
  • You can control complex technical entities and dependencies and are familiar with data quality and privacy considerations






  • Modeling Lines / Notations (ArchiMate / BiZZdesign, QPR)
  • ERWIN data modeling
  • MF Application Structuremily (including DB2, MDM, IGC)
  • Various CRM solutions
  • Native AWS services
  • JIRA, Confluence 



For more information, please contact Gavin Roush, Lead Recruiter, gavin.roush@op.fi