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Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 7.1.2020

Our vision at OP is to be the leading and most attractive financial group, not only in the eyes of our customers but also from the point of view of our developers and partners. To reach our goal, we have started a significant transformation journey at OP Group (a year ago) towards Agile. Less a bank and more a Technology House, our dozens of Agile Coaching professionals are hard at work, now accompanied by our DevOps Coaches too. Our goal of ‘tribe’ and team autonomy, towards technical alignment and sustainable development, has propelled our stepping-stone approach to building a true engineering developer culture. 

Our technical leadership is paying close attention to this, on the ‘how’ we are building this developer culture, not just on the ‘who’. With a series of planned Developer Meetups and an internal network of technical ambassadors, our mission is to give the local Developer Community all the tools and resources, to lure the best talent to come grow and practice what you know with us. Our new OP Software Academy reinforces this focus on personal development, supported by our concentration on balance. Need to work from home, or leave early, so you can spend more time on stuff other than work? We have flexibility of hours, we don’t have an overtime problem, we have the option of remote work for most positions. You can actually have a life when working at OP. How many engineering and developer cultures can say that?  

Free time to us, is important. While we are extraordinarily productive and hungry to create and make our customers’ lives better, we don’t live to work. We work to live. It’s in our Values: People First.  


The Job:
As a SQL Developer in Risk Management, you will get to operate and develop our risk modelling base. Credit risk management is a crucial element in the financial sector, so you will get to work in a strategically essential field. Our risk modeling base collects data from several different sources operating as an inventory of risk models. With this data and the models we have created, we are able to recognize, predict and foresee risks related to lendings, for example. So, the data analyzed and modeled in Risk Management, is used as an essential tool in decision-making. At the moment, the risk modeling base operates with on-premises solutions, but we are about to start using a cloud-based platform. Your daily tasks will include programming of the risk modeling base and its development and maintenance, following DevOps principles.
What we hope from you:
In our work at Risk Management and risk modeling base development, we use SQL-based data warehouses, which we are about to move into cloud services. So, what do you need to do to succeed as a SQL Developer? Besides AWS, you excel in SQL as a server product and as a programming language. In your previous work, you have used Snowflake or some other similar cloud service for data warehousing. You have previous experience and expertise working with ETL and working with data flows and data transfers. And because we are working with data, it would be nice that you are familiar with working typical data analysis tools (such as Tableau or PowerBI) and the programming languages usually utilized when working with data analysis (such as R or Python). You know what it takes to work in an Agile environment with DevOps methods. Previous experience from the financial sector or working with risk management are naturally an advantage, but we strongly do count on the capability of a curious mind to learn the policies and ways of working on this field!
Your way of working is determined and goal-oriented. Because teamwork is such a big part of the work, we hope that you have good cooperation skills and willingness to share your knowledge and expertise with others. And of course, we hope that you are willing to learn from your colleagues as well. In the spirit of Agile, we appreciate self-drive and a willingness to take responsibility. You have at least a couple of years of work experience from the field of IT and technical educational background, which supports you in succeeding as a SQL Developer. In work-related matters, you communicate fluently in English.

-    SQL as a server product and as a programming language
-    Snowflake or some other similar cloud service for data warehousing
-    ETL for data flows and data transfers
-    data analysis tools (PowerBI or Tableau, for example)
-    data analysis programming languages (R or Python, for example)

What we offer you:
Here at OP, our ways of working are strongly guided by our values: Responsibility, Succeeding Together and People First. For us, Responsibility means supporting a sustainable economy and financing parties, which can be scrutinized from the ethical point of view. In Risk Management, our prominent goal is to manage the risks of OP Group and to produce independent information to support decision-making. This means that we participate in promoting economically sustainable activity. Succeeding Together for its part means that we strongly believe in cooperation. We share knowledge and expertise within and between our teams, and we learn from each other every day. As an employer, People First, means to us that we consider work as a part of life. We have full trust in our employees, and that is why we give them power and responsibility to do what they do best on the way they think their work is done best.
Even though we have transformed from a traditional financial group more and more towards a technology house, you should not forget that we are a bank, after all. And this means that, as an employee of OP, you will get to enjoy cheap mortgages and insurance benefits along with competitive salaries. And you will be offered extensive occupational health care plus health and accident insurances. We also offer you lunch plus sport and culture benefits and a possibility to spend affordable holidays on OP’s timeshare locations. At our Vallila Campus, you’ll get to enjoy the selection of our excellent restaurants (one of our 5 Raflas, is all about local sustainable and vegan options. And I didn’t even mention massage rooms, hair salon and massive gym. For commuting, we have parking and bike garages. And if you prefer public transportation, we are located only few steps from the subway.


Apply Now!
Please submit your application with English CV and cover letter here (click Apply button below) on Sunday 26th January the latest. Once our recruitment team has reviewed your credentials and if we see a solid match with one of our positions, we will reply to you quickly to set up an initial phone screen. We will then walk you through what will likely be one of your most positive interview/candidate experiences to date. If you have any questions about this specific position, please reach out to us here: anna.ruokamo(at)op.fi.

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