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Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 24.7.2019

Do you enjoy solving complex technical challenges? Would you like to be surrounded by new technologies, cutting edge embedded software and hardware, a wide variety of GPUs, operating systems, and libraries? If you are an excellent programmer, fluent in C++, embedded software development and graphics programming, we have a new place on our Integration team just for you.

Team: Kanzi UI

Kanzi UI is the industry-leading software tool for automotive graphical user interfaces, powering millions of cars on the road already. Our first customer, Audi, has based their Virtual Cockpit on Kanzi since 2012. Kanzi is now in use by dozens of other car brands, from Chinese EV startups to the latest Range Rover Velar and all-new Ford Mustang.

The Kanzi UI business unit is home to some 40 professionals developing the core products on which our company’s value is built, Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Runtime. There is a reason for our leading market position: these products are the most user-friendly and advanced tools, streamlining development and putting the designer first. This is the team that maintains our core advantage, enabling the world’s leading automotive brands to create stunning instrument clusters and infotainment systems.


  • In this integration software engineer role you will be working to ensure that our graphics engine is running optimally and consistently across several different platforms.
  • Your mission is to allow our customers to get the best possible performance from their embedded target systems and enable them to implement their UI designs.
  • There are many software development areas such as windowing systems and rendering backends where you can contribute depending on your experience.

Who Are You?

  • You are in your element when solving any technical challenge, a natural problem solver, who actually enjoys a good technical dilemma.
  • You are comfortable with large and established codebases, including complex debugging scenarios.
  • You are a team player who wants to be a part of a highly motivated developent team.
  • You understand good software development practices and have a drive for delivering high quality code and elegant solutions.

We Require

  • Good C++ programming and debugging skills
  • Experience developing software with Linux and GNU toolchain
  • Experience with low-level embedded software written in C/C++
  • Experience in graphics APIs such as OpenGL / Vulkan / Direct3D / Metal
  • Strong performance and memory profiling skills

We appreciate

  • Experience with windowing system APIs such as Wayland / Windows / Screen / X11
  • Experience working with embedded operating systems such as Android or iOS
  • Experience with real-time operating systems such as QNX, GHS Integrity or Nucleus
  • Python scripting skills
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Drive to build good customer experiences

If this sounds like a job made for you, click the apply link and let's see, if there's a match!

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