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Senior Backend Engineer, S-mobile
Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 27.10.2020

Maybe you have heard of S Group? Our services range from ABCs to Prismas, from banking to hotels, from restaurants to Food Market Herkku and more. Our work directly impacts the everyday lives for most of us in Finland. S Group is on a mission of transforming people’s daily lives – for the easier and better. SOK is part of S Group, and here we are creating more and more of the S Group’s digital services. We have been building our digital development team now for two years, and we’re by no means ready.

Now, take the S-mobile app here. It has been around for a while now, and the sheer number of concurrent users is an interesting backend challenge by itself. We have recently started working on this service and are all the time improving our ways of working. We have reworked the release processes for smaller, faster releases. We brought the developers, designers and the business together and started working as one team, focusing on solving challenges and helping each other, instead of defining formal structures or boundaries.

We want to develop our services on the world class level and aim for high quality and usability. As our developer you will have a lot of influence, and responsibility. You’ll have lot of freedom in your work, but you also have to live with your solutions, and so will the over the million users who have installed S-mobile.

Why work with us?

We’d like to highlight few things that we like, and that might interest also you:

1. We think there is no other domestic company that could improve our daily lives though digitalization the way we can.

2. You have the ownership. You’re creating services directly for the end-users. You’re not visiting a project; you own the       product.

3. You’re in control. Our ways of working are not set in stone. You will be deciding how the software development is done in one of the biggest companies in Finland.

4. The workload is reasonable, and you can choose your daily work rhythm. We like to work in the same location, but some remoting is possible (and at the moment remoting is the default)

5. Your work is grounded on the daily life, like shopping your groceries, fueling or staying in a hotel. This tight connection to the physical world makes the work concrete and rewarding.

6. Our technical competence and wide-ranging development areas provide you with experience that will certainly be useful in your career. Within S Group you can move between different technology domains (like web, mobile, and cloud) or businesses (online retail, hospitality, service stations), if you so wish.

What you need in this position

The hands-on experience on the Java Spring development is the key here. We expect you can work independently, produce clean architecture to solve complex issues, and the code editor must be your primary tool. In the future we need to bring the service from data centers to the cloud, and in this your guidance is central.

We will work and succeed together. You should trust your team members, motivate them, and communicate effectively. You should take the responsibility and be trustworthy for your team.

More than expecting you to know every technology we’re using, we expect you to be capable of learning new things with us. An interest towards cybersecurity is also a clear plus.

What do you think? Let’s talk!

We’ll be reading the applications as they come, make sure to send yours latest by 16.11.2020. If you want to check something regarding your position, our vision or ways of working before applying, you can chat with Jaakko (line manager for backend developers). You can reach him most conveniently by email jaakko.tuosa@sok.fi, or by phone 010 768 0342 at 1.11. 10-12 or 9.11. 14-16.