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Seasonal workers for farms

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 15.4.2020

Do good and make money
You are needed - summer jobs are available on farms all over Finland

Farm workers are needed to secure the sowing, production and harvesting of garden products, vegetables, berries and fruits. Preparatory work is carried out on the garden farms in the spring, and as the spring progresses, planting work is carried out, followed by crop care and harvesting. The best thing about this summer job is that you see your own handprint in it. Seasonal work provides earnings and experience. You are also involved in doing work that matters.

What kind of jobs available and where?
The work requires good physical condition and determination. The work varies from farm to farm and briefing is given before starting work. Some of the facilities provide workers with public transport and accommodation in a rural setting.
The jobs are in various parts of Finland and you can apply for any facility.

Who is this for?
The job is well suited for all working-age, including students, laid-off and part-time workers. It is also easy for entrepreneurs to switch to seasonal work, because you can bill farms directly.

How much do you get paid?
The salary is company-specific and depends on your duties. You and the future employer will establish agreed upon pay rate.

How do you get involved?
Apply as soon as possible. Recruitment is ongoing all the way until the fall. In your application, tell us about your own skills and we will be able to offer you the most suitable position. Also include information in your application if you need help arranging transportation to the farm or if you need accommodation.

Register here and submit your application: www.töitäsuomesta.fi