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Sales Director
Saalasti Oy

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 8.10.2018

As a Sales Director at Saalasti You will:

  • Be a member of the strategic management team and have strong commitment on management team work.
  • Lead the global new project sales including sales operations of our headquarters, foreign subsidiaries and agent network.
  • Utilize the full potential of our sales and marketing resources by restless prospecting.
  • Define challenging sales targets and enjoy leading the sales team to deliver great results.
  • Sell hands-on together with our close-knit sales team and provide sustainable and high value solutions for our customers.
  • Develop our sales process and be responsible for growth in sales.
  • Bridge communications with customer, sales agents and partner networks by being present physically or via remote access.
  • Display a character of curiosity, open-mindedness, give speeches, write articles, renew the sales material.
  • Identify business opportunities in existing and new fields and make them reality.
  • Make initiatives and especially support sales team to make initiatives out of the customer interaction.

Working environment in Sales Director position at Saalasti Oy:

  • We turn our customers’ biomass into an asset.
  • Our goal is to be the best workplace in the Finnish manufacturing industry. We believe that better well-fare at work yields better outcome for three directions: our customers, employees and company.
  • Most of our customers are in the following industries:
    • Biomass processing plants
    • Bioenergy production from solid biomass
    • Wood handling in pulp & paper and saw mills
  • Our customers are experts in their processes - we are expected to level and exceed their knowledge.
  • We export 80% of our production and therefore we strive for adapting to smooth interaction with our customers all over the world. Strong language skills are indispensable, and fluency in French or Portuguese are particularly valued.
  • Our business follows major investment projects, so work comes in waves. Flexibility is a must, as is willingness to travel.
  • We face every day new technologies and solutions, which should be rapidly analyzed, learnt and communicated.

If the text above generated interest in the company and a strong belief that you would be happy to work with us, read more about the job or apply directly!

More about the job:  https://saalasti.com/recruiting/sales-director-job-advertisement

A short video about us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wt8rTptaAE

Apply here: https://saalasti.com/recruiting/sales-director-job-advertisement/sales-director-application-form