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Have you always wanted to make a difference in millions of people’s everyday lives? To work with the brightest minds in the most technologically advanced unit in Finland’s biggest private employer? To enjoy benefits that no other company in this nation can offer to its employees? Look no further! SOK is looking for a QA Engineer to strengthen its rapidly growing QA community, and to join a team that builds modern web services for the needs of SOK’s travel, hospitality and restaurant businesses.

QA Engineer

If we fast-forward the actual recruitment process, here is how your first steps as a QA Engineer at SOK would look like: First we expect you to get to know the domain, tech and people, expand the testing coverage by automation and exploration and help the team with ongoing development and testing efforts (E2E, integration, unit, etc.). Soon enough the work will expand into test environments and data, CI/CD pipelines, log management, monitoring, visualisation solutions, and communicating and managing risks. You’ll be also trying out new tech, coordinating team testing efforts in development, and also production (A/B testing, piloting/prototyping, crowdsourcing), you name it. 

Here are some technological buzzwords, you’ll be bumping into from the day #1: Gitlab, Splunk, AWS, serverless, Docker, GraphQL, Veracode, SonarQube/SonarCloud, Robot Framework, Cypress and Appium. As this is a team effort, you’ll be working closely with experts and specialists from development, design, business, operations and QA - all eager, waiting and willing to get to work with you!

Hello, is it you we’re looking for?

We value well-rounded QA professionals, who are also willing to break out from the conventional QA mold when needed. The ideal candidate would have following experience and personal qualities:

  • History in building and maintaining web services (tools, processes, delivery pipelines, etc.) in cloud and microservice environments

  • Hands-on skills in testing technologies and methodologies that are used to bring visibility to different quality dimensions in development and production

  • Academic and/or work-related background in coding

  • A habit for active communication and collaboration with all kinds of people

  • Ability to comprehend new technologies and working models rapidly

  • Willingness to build and maintain automation solutions for the needs of development, operations and QA

  • Passion to develop and possibly lead QA efforts within the team and all across SOK

  • Agile, Lean and DevOps in bloodstream

What’s in it for you?

On top of respectful salary, superb company benefits and the finest colleagues, this is what we offer in return:

  • An opportunity to improve and have influence on the daily lives of millions of people

  • Concrete and rewarding end-results, which you can experience yourself by using S Group’s services, when doing your grocery shopping, fueling or staying in a hotel, for example. For many of us, the dialogue between the digital and IRL worlds makes our work extremely intriguing.

  • Ownership. You’re creating services directly for the end-users. You’re not visiting a project; you own the product.

  • Control. Our ways of working are not set in stone. You will be continuously improving how the products and services are developed in the biggest private employer in Finland.

  • Reasonable workload. You can choose your daily work rhythm and location.

  • An opportunity to gain know-how on technical competence on wide-ranging development areas and technology domains (like web, mobile and cloud) and businesses (online retail, hospitality, service stations).

How to apply

Are you what we are looking for? In that case we would be glad to talk with you and entertain the idea of you joining our ranks! Please apply on Monday, 15.3., the latest. We will contact you as soon as we have processed your application, so you don’t need to wait too long. 

If you want more information about the role, the team, SOK in general or something else, please contact your potential future colleagues, Sami or Miro. Sami can be reached most conveniently by email sami.soderblom(a) or by phone +358 50 513 7794 on Mon 15.2. 13–14, Mon 22.2. 13–14 and Wed 24.2. 13–14. Miro can be reached by email miro.kokkonen(a) or by phone +358 50 356 9303 on 17.–18.2. 11–13.


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