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Program Manager, Innovation & IoT
Sumitomo SHI FW Energia Oy

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 24.5.2018

Are you ready to embark on a journey to help an energy technology & engineering company in its leap to future innovation by driving our Innovation and IoT program. Are you burning to create new business in the energy industry having waited for your chance to show what is NOT impossible? Do you love getting the best out of people by facilitating innovation and applying your own technological and business understanding to boost peoples´ ideas and thinking further?

We have started this journey of renewal, innovation and digitalization of Sumitomo SHI FW’s (SFW) global boiler business and now need you to put the next gear on. We can promise you a good ride right where the world leading hardware & genuine dedicated people (lovely engineers) and modern technologies (IoT) as well as innovative ideas meet.

Who are we?

SFW is a world leader in combustion and steam generation technology. We have sold close to 500 circulating fluidized bed steam generating units around the world; to utilities, independent power generators, municipalities and industrial clients. Our leadership position in CFB combustion results from our commitment to deliver superior designs providing high efficiency, fuel flexibility and low emissions. We pride ourselves in being able to cleanly and reliability convert the widest range of low quality fuels, waste materials and waste heat into affordable sustainable power, heat, syngas and steam for our clients. We are over 1 000 people globally and serve customers in our project-based business all around the globe.

We are not a "hype" business when it comes to applying IoT, SW and analytics to developing our customer offering and business further, but we have much dedication & ambition, genuine customer focus and understanding that this will be a journey with many steps and hard work. Our parent company, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, supports us greatly on our growth journey. We know we won´t make it alone, so, we need you.

What we can offer you?

Firstly, you will get a very wide position with endless opportunity to develop and grow the company and yourself - for a person that likes variety and responsibility, this may be a dream come true. You will have an opportunity to create a new future for a company that does understand the need and opportunity to renew itself along with the disruption that is ongoing in the energy industry worldwide.

You will have solid mandate and support to act and we do have the passion to make this happen together. It means that decisions will be made without delay, there will minimum amount of politics and maximum amount of positive attention. This will not be a "position with view" but a position where you will create "the view" together with the SFW top management. And, this is definitely a position with a view towards the ongoing disruption in the energy industry.

Since we are early on our Innovation and IoT journey, this is also a chance to show what you are made of - it WILL look great on your CV, but moreover, it will FEEL great when we will succeed and you can honestly say "we made this happen!".

The role that is waiting to be created by you – Program Manager, Innovation & IoT

We at SFW have decided to run innovation and IoT as a program so that it gains enough speed and momentum. We see that innovation is the wider framework we will need to boost be it disruptive, frugal, offering, business model or customer experience related innovation. Core of our innovation will be applying IoT opportunities and emerging technologies to help our clients´ business. This is why we have combined the Innovation & IoT into one function. This function is on the driver´s seat uniting all other functions and competence areas of the company to deliver new businesses.

As part of our fierce innovation function, you will drive the innovation and IoT frame, strategy, processes, governance, pipeline management, tools & methods, business cases and business casing, customer & partner co-creation, partner management, technology & start-up scouting etc. As a program manager, you will be responsible for reaching the program targets through leading the program. In practice it means program planning and deployment: driving the resourcing, preparing and facilitating program events (workshops, meetings, trainings), involving people, piloting, commercialization.

Innovation and IoT is not a fluffy thing for us, which means that we want to see new business emerge - in form of new customer facing offering and business models - and our longer-term strategy to renew accordingly.

In this role you will be located in Espoo, Finland – with significant amount of travel - and reporting to SVP Innovation (See: "more information"). As for working for/with her, perhaps best to visit her LinkedIn profile and read the recommendations there.

We would wish to share all the details of the role, but, then our competitors would know as well (!), so, best that we discuss.

What would we like you to be?

Since you are a genuine Innovation and IoT person, you know it will take combination of customer, technology and commercial/business perspectives as well as understanding of the industry you´ll operate in. It is equally important to have knack for working with people: customer interface, cross-functional teams from within the company and partners.

  • University degree (MSc) in relevant field
  • Leadership experience, program management experience, genuinely liking to work with people in a global setting
  • Proven body of knowledge and track record of innovation strategies, methodologies and processes. Understanding how to move from idea into revenue generating business - commercial, technical and organizational aspects of making it happen.
  • Up-to-date understanding of emerging technologies on data mining, software, analytics and AI, cybersecurity, VR/AR and the like and track record of producing concrete deliverables
  • You may already have an understanding of the energy industry and its value chains and value generating mechanisms, as well how technologies add value to customers business in it. At least you have a great appetite and capability to learn this fast based on your earlier experience.
  • You probably have love (or love/hate) relationship to the good old engineering regime and the kind of companies that operate in hardware dominated businesses
  • You enjoy multitasking & challenges and are a high achiever with positive, can-do mentality and integrity
  • Did I forget to mention you need NOT to be a superhero, just all the above (not!)?

How to apply

So, if you still feel you want to work for a manager who continues to think that python is a snake and for a company that might not arrange a single hackathon in 2018, apply by sending your application letter and CV by 17th June 2018 at shifw.FI-recruitment@shi-g.com

For more information, do give a call 22nd May 9-11 / 24th May 8-10 / 31st May 16-17 / 5th June 12-13 (all times EET) at + 358 40 8313 018 (Sini Spets, SVP Innovation) or drop a note at sini.spets@shi-g.com prior to 6th June 2018.