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Professor in Performance Art and Theory
The Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki

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Master’s degree programme in Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) at the Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki

The University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) fosters Finland’s artistic heritage and serves as a springboard for artists of the future. At Uniarts Helsinki, you will become part of a diverse and vibrant community that brings new perspectives, models of thinking and vitality to society. The University of the Arts Helsinki was launched in early 2013 upon the merger of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy Helsinki. The University has approximately 2,100 students and 700 staff (full-time equivalent).

The Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki is a bold reformer of art and a pioneer in the education and research of performing arts and artistic research in Europe. 

The MA Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) is a meeting place for Finnish and international students who hold a bachelor’s degree in some field of art, or in another field relating to performance art and performance studies that is relevant to the study of performance (i.e. philosophy, psychology, anthropology, gender studies, ethnography, cognitive science, etc.). The programme is intended especially (but not exclusively) for artists with experience in performance art who are interested in Live Art and Performance Studies and want to develop their research skills alongside their artistic practice. The language of instruction is English and the position requires the ability to read and critically comprehend difficult theoretical texts.

The programme combines critical thinking, experimental art practices and practice-led research. The aim of the programme is to train artists with both an awarereness of tradition and an eye to the future. Students who graduate from the programme will have the ability to create new kind of performance art and Live Art and the readiness to participate in the international and interdisciplinary discourses surrounding art, thus being active contributors to the development of performance studies.

LAPS is a residential MA programme that takes place in Helsinki and involves an intensive schedule of seminars, courses, workshops, mentoring and individual research. Successfully completing the programme requires participation in courses and workshops, creation of performances and completion of a research project either alone or in collaboration with other students. The LAPS programme approaches performance art, Live Art, performance studies and the research of performance art from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The LAPS (Live Art and Performance Studies) programme at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy has been and continues to be influential in the development of Live Art both nationally and internationally. It has put Finland and Helsinki on the map of Live Art. Internationally there are only a few programmes with similar aims, and LAPS is actively networking in the field. The combining of theory and practice and the resulting connections to artistic research are definite strengths of the programme.

Professor in Performance Art and Theory: assignments and placement

The Professor in Performance Art and Theory leads the master’s degree programme Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS).  LAPS admits 6 new students every other year. There are a total of 15 students from past and present cohorts currently in the programme (2017–2018).

The assignment begins 1 August 2018 or as agreed, and the tenure is five years. The field of teaching is performance art and theory.

The salary of a Professor is determined in accordance with the competency level 8 or 9 in the university wage system. 

The Professor leads and develops the LAPS programme together with the leaders of other degree and master’s degree programmes and the rest of the staff. The Professor engages in active interaction with society, on both national and international levels. The assignments of the Professor include developmental and administrative tasks within the Theatre Academy and Uniarts Helsinki.

In accordance with section 4.1. of the Theatre Academy Regulation, the role of the Professor as the leader of a degree programme entails:

  • leading the degree programme
  • assuming responsibility for the artistic-pedagogic strategy and its development
  • staff leadership and financial responsibility
  • recruitment of hourly paid teachers
  • responsibility to handle issues concerning teaching and recruitments in a manner that involves the staff and students
  • responsibility for ensuring that feedback is regularly collected and taken into account
  • negotiating and approving the performance agreement
  • negotiating and approving contracts within the Professor’s jurisdiction
  • providing statements on study rights and study issues to the Teaching Council or another party
  • processing other issues relating to the unit.

The Professor’s assignments will be agreed in greater detail in the work plan, prepared for one academic year at a time. The total working hours of the Professor is 1,624 per academic year. These include teaching, administrative responsibilities within the university, possible involvement in doctoral education, as well as personal artistic and research activity, which can comprise up to 320 hours (20%) of the total working hours.

Eligibility and competence requirements

Section 33 of the Universities Act

According to Section 33 of the Universities Act (558/2009), a professor shall carry out and oversee scientific or artistic work, provide research-based tuition, follow developments in science or art, and participate in societal interaction and international cooperation in his or her field.

Staff Regulation of Uniarts Helsinki

According to Section 14 of the Staff Regulation of Uniarts Helsinki, a person elected Professor on the basis of artistic merits is required to hold a suitable doctorate degree and/or excellent artistic merits and good teaching skills. The successful candidate is expected to possess expertise in the field he or she represents, as well as experience in international operations and collaboration.

A professor elected on the basis of research merits is required to hold a suitable doctorate degree, to have carried out high-quality research, to possess the ability to provide high-quality, research-based teaching and instruction as well as be able to present proof of international activity.

According to Section 7 of Uniarts Helsinki’s Staff Regulation, general qualification requirements include such education, experience and language skills as are required for the assignment in question, as well as other required skills such as, for example, cooperation and interaction skills.

Assignments that comprise teaching require studies in university pedagogy or sufficient pedagogic experience and teaching skills. Assignments that comprise research require sufficient skills and experience to carry out research.

If the role comprises leadership assignments, there are requirements on suitable education, familiarity with the field and suitability for leadership assignments.

Professor in Performance Art and Theory: competence requirements

The Professor in Performance Art and Theory is elected based on artistic merits. In addition to the above-mentioned legal requirements of eligibility and competence, the role of Professor in Performance Art and Theory requires a high level of professional experience in the international field of performance art and Live Art and expertise in the international field of academic performance research and performance studies, with a track record of published and performed works in English. The Professor in Performance Art and Theory should be well versed in both performance art and performance studies and in the combining of art and research. The Professor should possess good interaction skills. Pedagogical competence and training from the university world and elsewhere, experience in collaborations between art universities and international cooperation, as well as a doctoral degree in a relevant field are all considered merits. 

Appointing the Professor

In accordance with a decision by the Recruitment Council, the position of Professor in Performance Art and Theory is to be filled through open recruitment.

At the proposal of the Dean of the Theatre Academy, the Rector appoints the Professor to a fixed-period employment. The Dean makes her proposal based on the proposal of the Recruitment Council.

The choice is based on an overall comparison of merits in relation to the requirements presented in this summary. We will pay special attention to the capacity of our chosen candidate to successfully carry out the assignments listed herein. In our assessment we make use of application documents, expert statements, other possible statements possibly requested by the Recruitment Council, teaching demonstrations as well as a possible interview and/or presentation of artistic activity.

Applicants should be prepared to deliver (most likely in June 2018) a teaching demonstration, participate in an interview and present their own artistic activity. In questions of bias, we follow Sections 27-29 of the Administrative Act throughout the recruitment process.

How to apply

The application should contain four (4) copies of the following material:

  1. A cover letter (free format), where you state why you are applying for the position of Professor and how you would like to reform and develop the LAPS programme as well as its degree requirements and teaching as part of Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy. In presenting your views, please take into account the traditions of performance art and theory, their current approaches, phenomena and future development.
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. A portfolio that shows your most important artistic works and demonstrates your artistic merits.
  4. Video recording of artistic works most relevant to the position (maximum duration of 60 min)
  5. A list of publications
  6. Maximum three (3) research publications written in English.

The cover letter and CV should be delivered as a single PDF file to teak.kirjaamo@uniarts.fi by 1pm (Eastern European Summer Time) on Monday, 9 April 2018.

Other material should be delivered to the address teak.kirjaamo@uniarts.fi or to the Theatre Academy registrar, P.O. Box 20 (Haapaniemenkatu 6), 00097 Taideyliopisto, Finland no later than 1pm (Eastern European Summer Time) on Monday, 9 April 2018. Recordings on USB memory sticks should be in MP4 format. Other formats will not be considered or watched. Videos must play on both Mac and PC. Please check that the recording is playable and that your name is written on the memory stick. Alternatively, you may also present your work via an online link, such as Vimeo or Youtube. The application and its appendices will not be returned.


Additional information regarding the position is provided by Dean Maarit Ruikka, tel. +358 50 581 2649, maarit.ruikka@uniarts.fi. Inquiries regarding the application procedure may be directed to Head of Administration Laura Jännes, +358 400 792 043, laura.jannes@uniarts.fi.