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Operations Manager
Frictape Oy

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 21.12.2018

We are looking for a new Customer Operations Manager on a fixed term contract to lead our product installation projects and named product delivery projects to our customers while our person in charge of the function is on maternity leave. In practice this means that you need to work with our very large, global customers to agree when our technicians come to install our products and plans are aligned so that our technicians are at the right place, at the right time, with the right approvals and right tools to carry out a successful installation.

Surprises do happen every now and then so also quick reflexes and ability to resolve unclear situations is important. And on top of this, you have also a good chance of promoting our other products to generate extra sales.


In order to succeed, you need to be able to

  • Have good skills in project management and in simply keeping things organized - deal with multiple tasks, set priorities and adapt to meet deadlines and customer expectations
  • Communicate with our customers fluently and clearly in English
  • Have the ability to clarify situations where there is confusing, even conflicting information and decide the best path forward, with the support of rest of the Frictape team
  • Have flexibility in how you work as things may happen in the evenings and weekends – our operation is truly global (but rest assured, we do not ask you to work 24x7)
  • Enjoy fast paced, truly global work environment where you first might be talking to someone in Myanmar and next to someone in Brazil
  • Understand how to keep our customers happy while not just saying ‘yes’ to anything they ask for. I.e. understanding what is really important to them is vital


You should apply if all this sounds interesting and you have the following qualifications:

  • Track record of success in international project management or project deliveries (it does not have to be a long one, but you need to be able to show you have been succeeding in relevant area)
  • Willingness to work outside normal Finnish working hours, i.e. flexibility
  • You enjoy dynamic work environment where things happen fast at times and you are one of those people  who rolls up their sleeves and says “lets just do it”
  • Positive, open minded team player (yes, we know every company is asking for the same but in a small team, this really makes a difference. So it is not just blah blah)

So you might be young with not so much experience yet or you might be someone with more years under your belt – key is that you thrive in a challenging environment and you want to do your best for our customers (as that is what has made us successful).