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Open tech application

Are you a precise programmer, structured cloud platform engineer or perhaps a visionary software architect? Do you have high aspirations, broad tech-knowhow and keen on working in one of industry leading Elisa’s skillful teams? Saying yes to both? We definitely want to hear from you! 

We are recruiting numerous tech pros in the coming months in early and late autumn. 

Therefore, we look for tech pros from different industries to help us create and continuously further develop the best solutions and services. 

What do we look forward to when hearing about you: 

  • constant learner with a desire to be up to date with the recent technologies
  • problem-solver and when needed innovator with a strong preference to balance the problem-in-hand with the big picture
  • team player that values both clear communications and code
  • tech stacks vary greatly depending on what the team does
  • cloud operations are mostly based on AWS but Azure and GCP implementations are not unheard of

Do pass your CV over and we can start a discussion!

More information

Elisa is the industry leading company with strong roots in telecom. More recently Elisa has started burgeoning startups such as Elisa Smart Factory and Elisa Automate. The excellence that Elisa demonstrates now when entering 2020s is strongly founded on tech teams that form the core of services. 

A classic recipe for success at Elisa tech teams is: 

  • CX focused designer consulting when needed per project
  • Technologically proficient front and backend programmers
  • Visionary architect ensuring that individual solutions are problem-solving both in short and long-term
  • Agile coach when the team needs one

The aforementioned consist of both Elisians working on a payroll and consultants from the best consultant houses.

Elisians work also as software consultants working on tailormade projects. Again,  itdepends on the project and/or team what tech stack is used.

Language requirements depend on the job. Quite a number of Elisian tech teams work in English, yet in other roles also Finnish is required.

Where? Elisian tech teams are formed in variety of locations in Finland, with an emphasis on Pasila and Kallio, in Helsinki. Contributing team members work, for example, in Tampere and Jyväskylä. 

Tech team members start with working closely with the team during the induction period. As the work, technologies, culture and team members have become familiar, Elisians frequently work from which ever location they desire as and when the projects allow. 

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