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Leadership Specialist

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 8.3.2019

Reports to: The Head of Learning and Development (L&D). The unit is a part of a larger unit called People Strategy within HR in If. This is a Nordic position and some travelling is required. The position is located in either Bergshamra (Stockholm, Sweden), or Espoo (Helsinki-area, Finland).

Job Overview

The main goal is to design opportunities and activities for learning enablement and learning implementation for employees and managers throughout the organization.

The focus is on leadership and overall culture building initiatives that support the creation of an engaging culture for the whole company.

In concrete terms, the activities will include working closely with different areas of business; designing training activities and building learning and development concepts.

In addition, the work will include learning curation, packaging and visualization of learning materials, as well as close contact with internal marketing and communication.  

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Drive leadership development
  • Design pedagogic learning activities relevant for business needs  
  • Provide support and inspiration to the local training organizations in the different Business Areas
  • Curate relevant self-learning and put that content in the right context
  • Influence managers and employees on the benefits, best practices and necessities of an everyday learning mindset


Educational Level

A degree in the areas of pedagogics, psychology or communications or other relevant degrees are preferable.


We are looking for a professional with an extensive background in the area. A suitable combination could be found from a combination of the following:

  • Proven experience of culture building activities and processes
  • Worked with adult learning and various learning methods
  • Worked with influencing and digital communication
  • Own leadership experience is highly preferable
  • Experience from leading projects/business development initiatives

Specific Skills

  • Leadership 
  • Communication
  • Excellent English language skills

Personal Characteristics

  • Curious
  • Strategic
  • Team player
  • Customer mindset

Please note that this application process also includes pre-work which needs to be submitted together with your application. 

For more information, please contact Head of Learning and Development Mia Latta via mia.latta@if.fi, or mobile +358 46 8513993 at the following times: 11 March between 10-13 EET, 15 March between 13-15 EET, or 18 March between 13-16 EET.

The deadline for all applications is on 27 March.

Prework instructions

This is required prework if you are applying for the position of Leadership Specialist in If. Please note that you will not be considered in the selection process if you do not complete these pre-tasks. Please respond to the tasks in max two separate documents.

Evaluation: Part 1: 60 %, Part 2: 20%, Part 3: 20%

PART 1: Case analysis 

This is an imaginary case.

The retail market is going through rapid upheavals and the ways the customers are expecting to be served in the business is changing. A multinational company is feeling the impact of these changes. As part of its response, it has assumed rapid digitalisation processes in many fronts and the customer service platforms are being renewed and systemized. The business is also changing in many other ways and the company is investing heavily in employer branding. It is working hard to obtain and retain the best skill and talent needed for changes to realize. More focus is put on building the new international brand, but on the other side, there is also a need to work on the local level to provide the best customer journey, so there are conflicting needs.

In this position, the leaders are caught between many demands and expectations. They need to both manage the business, but also to lead and support their teams and individual employees in a more “people centric” way. They need to find time for everyday development and innovation (for both themselves and their teams) and have courage to test new thoughts and processes, also beyond their unit’s boundaries. Clear financial results are expected, but at the same time, it is understood that in the long term, creating a positive customer experience is the key to success and that employee engagement is key to this.

The employees come from many educational and work history backgrounds and work in a variety of positions, from sales clerk to data analyst and from senior leaders to summer trainees. Different groups and units react to the changes in many ways, and of course there are also large differences in individual circumstances. There seem to be many sub-cultures in the company for different units and employee groups and the company is striving to be more inclusive.

TASK: You are working in the company and your task is to help create one of the following:

  1. a leadership initiative/process that helps leaders implement changes in their teams
  2. a culture change initiative/process that focuses on engagement of all employees

Instructions: describe how you would build one of these processes as well as you can. Who will be involved, what will be your role, how the project plan would look like, what tools, platforms and events you would suggest. Methods free (video, powerpoint, excel, word, etc). Length: each case should be assessable within approximately 10 minutes (whether viewing, reading, or other methods). Evaluation criteria for each task:

  • innovation (25 %),
  • process (25 %),
  • pedagogics (25 %),
  • practicality/hands-on element (25 %)

PART 2: Learning expertise 

Describe a learning experience that has inspired you. What was the aspect in the experience that mainly created the inspiration? What engages you? (max 500 words)

PART 3: Customer experience      

Describe a business process where your expertise/intervention made a difference. What was the challenge that you needed to solve and how did you solve it? How did you know that the customer was happy with the result? Is there anything you would have done differently? (max 500 words)