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We are looking for a Lead Engineer to build new digital services to combine our offerings from retail and banking sectors!

Our services range from ABCs to Prismas, from banking to hotels, from restaurants to Food Market Herkku and now we want to bring banking and other sectors closer together. You will be working closely with our bank, S-Pankki, to modernize their digital platform to make development of new digital services easier. Your work includes coding, architectural design, making technology choices, work prioritization, mentoring and recruiting. 

What we expect from you

You are a hands-on expert, but you also feel comfortable designing and making technology and architectural decisions and keeping up the big picture and improving ways of working. You are not afraid to learn new technologies and feel at ease both at the frontend and backend. You always keep the end customer and business in mind and create resilient, scalable and secure backends world class digital services.  Prioritization and leading your team to accomplish goals is important part of your work.

To excel in this role you have

  • Strong software engineering background, including cloud deployed software

  • Experience in designing modern digital service architecture

  • Experience in leading development work and team

  • Interest in customer centric digital service development

  • Polyglot programming language skills; in this role you are likely to work with at least TypeScript, React, HTML5 and CSS

  • Good understanding of agile software development, analytics, A/B testing, DevOps, test automation, and related technologies

We offer you 

We’d like to highlight few things that we like, and that might interest also you:

1. We think there is no other domestic company that can improve the daily life of every-day citizen as we do.

2. You have the ownership. You’re creating services directly for the end-users. You’re not visiting a project; you own the product.

3. You’re in control. Our ways of working are not set in stone. You will be continuously improving how the software is developed in one of the biggest companies in Finland.

4. The workload is reasonable, and you can choose your daily work rhythm. We like to work in the same location to create synergy and to be more efficient as a team, but remoting is also possible (During the pandemic it’s the default).

5. Your work is grounded on the daily life, like shopping your groceries, fueling or staying in a hotel. This tight connection between the digital and physical world makes the work concrete and rewarding. And if you’re using S Group services you can experience the results by yourself.

6. Our technical competence and wide-ranging development areas provide you with experience that will certainly be useful in your career. Within S Group you will work with different technology domains (like web, mobile, and cloud) and businesses (online retail, hospitality, service stations).

How to apply

We’ll be reading the applications as they come, make sure to send yours latest by 15.3.2021. If you want to check something regarding your position, our vision or ways of working before applying, you can chat with Ville Vehviläinen. You can reach him most conveniently by email ville.vehvilainen@sok.fi

SOK in short

SOK belongs to S Group, which is a customer-owned Finnish network of companies in the retail and service sectors, with more than 1,800 outlets in Finland. SOK Corporation comprises Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) and its subsidiaries. SOK is a central cooperative which produces expert and support services – such as chain management, product range, procurement, and marketing services – for the cooperatives of S Group. SOK is also responsible for the strategic guidance of S Group and the development of the business chains. Through its subsidiaries, SOK engages in the travel and hospitality business in Finland, St. Petersburg, and Estonia, as well as in supermarket trade in St. Petersburg and Estonia.


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  • Ilmoitusnumero: 1424330
  • Tehtäväalue: IT, Kaupan ala
  • Työsuhde: Vakituinen työsuhde
  • Työn tyyppi: Kokopäiväinen
  • Hakuaika päättyy: 15.3.2021
  • Hakuosoite: www-osoite
  • Sijainti: Helsinki