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We are looking for a new team member to join our Product Development Team. By joining our team, you develop new MEMS sensor components either as a Lead Engineer or as a Component Engineer depending on our professional background.

Your responsibilities consist mainly on an integration of sub-systems (MEMS element, ASIC, package) into an optimized solution covering calibration and end user requirements, prototype testing, characterization and analysis, and technical documentation of the results. As a Lead Engineer, you lead technical activities with the rest of product development project team, collaborating closely with MEMS, ASIC and packaging design engineers, test laboratories, calibration engineers and customer interface. As a Component Engineer, you work under close guidance and in co-operation with Lead Engineer(s) in an assistant-like role, until your technical knowledge level permits individual work as a Lead Engineer.

You work as part of our Product Development Team to bring new sensor component products to market. The tight and high-performing team is comprised of near-ten highly qualified technical professionals. The team has a great supportive team spirit, and everyone has their own sensors product to work with. In automotive safety critical environment, a typical development cycle for a given product takes from 3 to 6 years, requiring long-term commitment and persistent mindset.

Our Lead Engineers are for example responsible for the technical implementation of the sensors which are used in space: Sensor developed and manufactured by Murata in Finland is used on Mars | Murata Finland.

This position requires a suitable engineering or science background (M.Sc., Ph.D. or D.Sc.) in e.g. physics, electronics, semiconductors, materials technology or metrology. You have basic understanding of physical phenomena and electronics and you want to develop yourself as a technology specialist. You work fluently in a project environment and you know basics of essential tools for computation, statistical methods and analysis equipment (Databases, Statistical & Mathematical tools, Measurement equipment, etc). Working in Global Murata environment, you need fluency in communicating and documenting your work in English.

As a person you are active and independent as well as a team player and a creative problem solver. You are easily able to perceive big picture and use scientific approach to integrate sub-systems into an optimal total solution. You have interest on deep technical challenges, have willingness to learn, are persistent on and motivated to work with wide variety of technical challenges. We appreciate your passion to create innovative solutions in your field of responsibility.

We are willing to modify the role description and take your strengths and expectations into consideration. We will provide you with a comprehensive orientation about our products, processes, systems and quality requirements to get you to a successful start in your new role! This is a permanent position and start date can be agreed flexibly.

This is an excellent opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology contributing to the advancement of society. We believe that the tiniest things can have the greatest impact. With our innovative sensor technology, cars remain in their lanes, people’s hearts keep beating and bridges do not collapse. We design and manufacture low-g acceleration, inclination and angular motion sensors based on its proprietary 3D MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) technology. The most important application areas are automotive industry, healthcare technology and different industrial applications.

We have flexible remote work opportunities, and the presence on our Vantaa site heavily depends on the stage of product development project and tasks at hand. Majority of on-site work takes place at the Vantaa facility, where we have full development capabilities from prototyping to product validations. At Murata, we cultivate a strong culture of cross-functional teamwork, so you will have the chance to collaborate with and learn from members of other teams in our organization.

For further information please contact Sami Nurmi, Sr. Manager, System Design, R&D by email, sami.nurmi(a)murata.com. Sami is pleased to tell you more about the position and Murata.

Hope you are interested in the position and we get an opportunity to know you better. Please send your CV and short application with a salary request – you can also easily share your LinkedIn profile – until 17th October 2021. In your application, please mention which position you are applying for and describe how your professional profile fits for the position. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Read more about Murata at www.muratafinland.com and follow us in LinkedIn (Murata), Instagram (@muratafinland) and Facebook (@MurataElectronics).

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