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Lead Developer, Payment Capabilities

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 12.7.2019

Lead Developer - JAVA


Did you ever think that joining a Finnish bank could get you deep into the global Developer Community? We have quietly been building and transforming OP into a Technology House, highlighted by our new division of OP R&D as a top destination for software developers in Helsinki and throughout Finland. You have likely been a customer of OP since you were a kid, how about a future here as a creator and software developing master?


OP R&D combines the stability and reputation of a serious business that’s the most modern and trusted bank in Finland, with the software start-up feeling of a well-funded group of talented software experts who are poised at the cusp of security, data science and machine learning. And the most interesting news for software talent in Helsinki: OP as a company, has wholly gone Agile! We have made the corporate and cultural transition to Agile since last year, meaning autonomy in teams, collaborative cohesion throughout OP, and a genuine progressive direction towards ‘tech love’. This is the perfect time for technical talent in Finland to come join us to be a part of building something great and unique.


Our Helsinki ‘campus’ in Vallila hosts over 2000 employees, a cohesive agile group of software developers and bankers who truly want to come to work. Our professionals are pampered by 6 restaurants, multiple gyms, physiotherapists, hair stylists, masseuses, all on-site like a small city. Oh, and remembering we are a bank, you get cheap mortgages and insurance benefits along with highly competitive salaries. Strolling from your desk to get coffee or on your way to a meeting, there is a buzz nearly everywhere, the immense design hall in the courtyard like a theater but without the echo (it’s truly spectacular). 


More importantly is how we work…..beyond prototyping or working on one of the largest mobile apps in Finland with over 1M active users, you have freedom to generate ideas, freedom to finish a product when you’re actually done (not when a strict PM demands it). There is a real focus on Quality, employing Test Driven Development, Trunk Based Development and Data Science as we go deeper into Cloud Development. We are constantly finding new ways to make lives for developers easier, again spearheaded by our company wide Agile move. 


As a high-productivity software engineering organization, we acknowledge the need for an open and collaborative workspace. Our movement towards cloud development and data driven analytics are next-level in Finland, first in banks. We are utilizing more and more AI functionalities and features too, constantly modernizing and improving the architecture of our products. Machine learning in cybersecurity and product development, our software developers have great options for their own further development. 


In a nutshell, our working culture at OP R&D harbors true innovation and a well-balanced work-life. Our developers are encouraged, they are valued by their banking colleagues, they are paid well, and they are given the tools and freedom to create, learn, practice and grow. And most importantly, they actually want to make it to work on that Monday morning when many others wake up disgruntled. 


In order to pioneer OP R&D’s aggressive expansion this year, we are now searching for 3 Lead Developers on 3 different teams to jumpstart our subsequent heavy technical recruitment.


What is the Job?

In this role you will join the Payment Capabilities team as Lead Developer. Development ideas are implemented from idea to production, and the team implements its goals in the way it sees fit. You will develop payment-related components, API interfaces and service channel interfaces. You are responsible for the achievement of the team's goals and you can contribute to the cultural change of payment. You’ll lead your team to development work and support your developers in solving challenges. You will work smoothly with other teams and stakeholders in an expert role. You are involved in all stages of the life cycle of systems development from roadmap design to maintenance. Your expertise in software architecture, test automation, and DevOps is valued and influenced by new practices.


Who are you?

You have been a developer for several years. You understand complex entities and relationships. You will know different development technologies, tools, techniques and platforms. You are curious and willing to learn new things. Many of our services use Java, so you have that expertise. We are increasingly utilizing cloud technologies, and AWS in particular is seen as an advantage. As a solution for interface services, we utilize Apigeet, whose expertise we value.


You are customer-oriented, responsible and quality-conscious. The ability to convey and pronounce a technical-oriented language in the form of business understanding is an advantage. You are a team player who can inspire others to make a difference. You commit to team goals and end results, and you will develop your own and your team's activities to keep you better.



  • Excellent experience as software developer, ready for a Lead role
  • JAVA
  • AWS or other cloud development
  • Team player, excellent communication


How to Apply:

Apply by sending us your English CV by 7th of August. If you have any questions recarding the job or what it's like to work at OP please do not hesitate to contact Gavin Roush. You can reach Gavin from gavin@gfusion.com.