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Do you want to build your career in Finland and take on new challenges?

The Global Business Talent F.E.C. recruitment training is a six-month program for international talents living in the capital region and who have graduated from a Finnish university or School of Applied Sciences. The program is suitable for graduates and experts with a science degree in any field, except IT, and are unemployed or under the threat of unemployment.

F.E.C. Further Educated with Companies is a training concept with the aim of concluding an employment contract. Its purpose is to reconcile the current expertise, development, and career goals of job seekers with the needs of potential new employers.

In the training, you will get an overall understanding of the Finnish business environment and its principles, including business knowledge, product development, project management, and internationalization. This enables you to contribute to the business development of your partner company in e.g., product development or export roles. The program also helps you to recognize and market your expertise in the Finnish labor market.

During the training, you will strengthen your abilities in different business development processes and business ethics, and code of conduct. You will learn about impactful communication and improve your knowledge about productive and profitable business. F.E.C. training program offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and skills in a real company.

The program starts in June 2021.

Learn more about the program and apply through our site. The program number at TE Services is 699056.

Apply by May 15, 2021.

In order to start studies in the program, you will need a partner company to work with throughout the training. Aalto PRO and applicants will work together to find these companies.

Contact us or learn more on our site:

Relationship manager Kimmo Rissanen, +358 10 837 3830,
Program Manager Anna-Maija Ahonen, +358 10 837 3831,


The Global Business Talent F.E.C. training program is part of the Talent Boost – International talents boosting growth program of the Finnish Government. Talent Boost aims to attract international talents to the Finnish labor market and harness the expertise of international talents already in Finland to support Finnish companies and markets.


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