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Finance Manager
Oy Teboil Ab

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 3.5.2018

Open position in the Department of Finance at the Teboil`s Head Office

Department of Finance is a business unit which reports directly to CFO and is responsible for company's daily treasury operations, corporate finance, relevant financial reporting and business intelligence. We are looking for a Finance Manager.

​Requirements for candidates for the position of Finance Manager

I. Desired Qualifications

The ideal candidate must be adept in Finnish accounting and tax reporting, combining extensive professional knowledge with developed management skills. The most essential requirements for a position of this level are the following:

  • The candidate should have a Bachelor's degree in finance and accounting and 10+ years of progressively responsible experience for a major company or division of a large corporation (minimum 3 years' experience in management; minimum 7 years' experience as a CPA in a corporate setting). Preference will be given to candidates with Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant or MBA (not obligatory) designations.
  • One primary factor is a working knowledge of ERP system SAP R/3. Experience in the implementation and fine-tuning of ERP systems for accounting as well as management purposes. The candidate should have exceptional computer skills, including Microsoft Office and databases.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential, particularly in regard to presenting the results of analyses to management.
  • The candidate should be able to thrive in a deadline-driven environment.
  • The candidate should be able to motivate the team and lead by example.
  • The candidate may also have experience in working with audit and outsourcing structures.
  • Work experience in a field related to the potential employer is also an advantage.

The Finance Manager reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer.

Knowledge of foreign languages: English (required), Finnish, Russian (not obligatory)

II. Skills: 

  1. The candidate should have experience of methodological work on Finnish accounting and tax legislation and its application. He/she should be able to conduct accounting and tax expert examination of documents (including contracts), projects and transactions at the highest professional level.
  2. An essential requirement for the candidate is his/her ability to engage in constructive interaction with the tax authorities of Finland, especially in the course of tax control measures and the pre-trial settlement of tax disputes. The interaction should also ensure preferential tax provisions and decisions for the company.
  3. The candidate must have a knowledge of legislative and other regulatory legal acts, methodical materials on the issues concerning the operation of enterprises and must regularly monitor changes in the accounting and tax legislation of Finland and the EU as a whole.
  4. The candidate must have an understanding of tax procedures, including the compilation and calculation of the data in tax declarations, as well as the procedures for the payment of tax liabilities.
  5. The candidate must be a specialist in the fields of legislation related to accounting and tax legislation.
  6. The candidate should have relevant experience of auditing financial statements, tax audits and the pre-trial settlement of tax disputes, as well as experience in assisting the legal services of an organisation in conducting trials on tax issues.

The candidate must have organisational work experience, which should ensure efficient interaction of all structural divisions of the company among themselves, with other organisations of the Group and with the Head Office of the Company and minimise/eliminate the tax risks.

III. Responsibilities: 

  • Ongoing analysis of accounting and tax legislation and its practical applications.
  • Providing methodological support to the structural units of the Organisation and developing methodological recommendations on issues related to accounting and taxation in Finland, along with making methodological decisions related to Organisation's accounting and tax matters.
  • Analysis of business processes with the participation of the Organisation to ensure compliance with accounting and tax requirements in Finland.
  • Identification and analysis of tax risks, along with consideration and approval of measures for their prevention.
  • Coordination of the work of the Organisation's structural units in compliance with tax legislation on transfer pricing, together with the conclusion of preliminary price agreements with the tax authorities.
  • Organisation and coordination of the work of structural units in their interaction with the State bodies that regulate legal tax relations, and conduct tax control measures and the pre-trial settlement of tax disputes.
  • Assisting the Organisation's legal services in judicial proceedings related to tax matters in all court instances.
  • Interaction with the higher state authorities regulating legal tax relations for the purpose of representing and defending the interests of the Organisation and obtaining clarifications and approvals on tax positions.
  • Tax planning for the Organisation, ensuring completeness and timeliness in the fulfilment of tax obligations, along with the application of tax benefits.
  • Organisation of work and facilitating the timely reimbursement of VAT, excise and other overpayments of taxes.
  • Consolidation of analytical and statistical information about the tax obligations of the Organisation.
  • Interaction with the representatives of the Tax Unit of the Head Office of the Company.

IV. Personal and social skills: 

1. Ability to quickly find solutions to emerging issues
2.  Ability to predict and provide an objective assessment
3.  Communication and teamwork skills
4.  Stress tolerance
5.  Attentiveness
6.  Willingness to learn and improve his/her own professional level. 

Detailed information about open position provides Financial Director Victor Palamarchuk: victor.palamarchuk@teboil.fi 

Please send your application and CV with a salary request in English to rekrytointi@teboil.fi