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We have the park, the museum and the horses – and countless awards. A big bag of yesterday’s news we’re naturally proud of.  But in order to brew for a better tomorrow, we now need the sharpest marketing talent to light the fire for the next 200 years – with brands second to none, on a platform built to excel.


What we are looking for?

The Event executive is the link between event agency and the event organizers / owners.

S/he will work closely with the Brand Managers and the events agency to ensure best in class event executions. S/he will be the point of contact for all active events to assure efficient communication between the event agency and event organizer. S/he will ensure logistics run smoothly and that all stakeholders are informed of plans and on-the-go changes in a timely fashion.

S/he will assist with the briefing of the event agency. In addition, S/he will be responsible for handling day-to-day correspondence with event partners and the event agency and/or brand teams.

S/he will work with the trade marketing team to coordinate day-to-day tasks and ad-hoc activities related to events and trade marketing execution to ensure timely completion of projects and tasks.

This role will require significant travel in a changing environment with flexible hours.

What’ll it take?

We’re not looking for the ordinary, so the process will be anything but ordinary. We will dig into your CV and education, but that’s just the start. We would also love for you to send us:

A short essay titled “Why Me?” in English, of course. Keep it down to 200 words. No more. No less.

A 40 second selfie video on a topic you feel passionate about. Pick any topic, but make it in English. Upload it on YouTube and include the unlisted link in your application.

A one pager (max), answering the following questions:

a. What’s your phone model?

b. Why did you select that phone?

c. What are your favorite apps?

d. Who’s your favorite online personality that you’re following?

e. What’s the last thing you bought online?

Then keep your fingers crossed and hope you get picked to bedazzle us and grab the job.

The application process closes on the 27 of January at midnight. A handful of applicants will be picked to be roasted in Helsinki during January, 2022. So make sure you reserve the evening when you apply. Miss the roast and you miss the job – game over.

If you have any questions please contact Trade Marketing, Sponsorship & Ecommerce Director Joonas Säkkinen p. 040-8411907 on Wednesday 5.1. between 14-16 and Friday 21.1. between 8-9. 


You think you have what it takes? Find out more and apply

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  • Sijainti: Kerava, Uusimaa
  • Lisätietoja antaa: Trade Marketing, Sponsorship & Ecommerce Director Joonas Säkkinen p. 040-8411907 on Wednesday 5.1. between 14-16 and Friday 21.1. between 8-9.