Embedded Systems Developer (Python & Linux), Axitare Ltd, Helsinki
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Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 23.12.2021
Here's your opportunity to be part of taking a Finnish break-through-product to international markets! We're looking for a Python and Linux -fluent Embedded systems developer for our client Axitare Ltd. Axitare is a profitable growth company with financing in check for further growth and development. You can be freshly graduated or more experienced, as long as your understanding goes deeper than "a scratch on the surface". Join the team in designing, developing, building and testing prototypes! Read more further below and apply today!
You'll work as a right hand for the lead developer in a project, where you'll be further honing the product concept for international markets. You'll design and build prototypes, test them and bounce ideas with the lead developer. What we're looking for in particular, is your understanding and skills in Embedded systems and developer skills (Python, Linux). You understand electronics (you don't have to know how to design), you've got a vast understanding of e.g. different sensors and actuators and know how to compare and choose the right one for a particular purpose. You know how to read data sheets for IC-circuits, sensors and actuators and know what their key attributes are. In addition, you know the most common communication protocols (i2c, SPI, UART, USB etc.). Understanding IoT-devices is also important. You might have some hobby projects with electronics or embedded software eg. with microcontrollers or Raspberry computers.

You are excited to work in a small team and to see your job as a part of a larger entity. You'll get an induction into the job, but on top of the above technical skills we expect you to be solutions-oriented, independent and well structured. The role may shape up a bit in accordance to what you bring into it. You could be in the beginning of your career or further ahead already.

What we offer

* versatile and interesting development tasks working on a new product
* opportunity to be part of designing an international breakthrough product
* valuable work experience for your future
* working in a cross-functional team.

As a consultant for Academic Work, we offer you great opportunities to develop yourself as a professional, to expand your network and get useful contacts for your future. Read more here

* design and development
* building prototypes
* testing
* solutions-oriented teamwork


* applicable education (or at the very end of your studies; embedded systems, electronics)
* knowledge and interest in embedded systems
* knowledge in electronics
* knowledge in the principles of different sensors and actuators, you know how to compare them and how to choose the right one for a purpose
* knowledge how to read data sheets of e.g. IC-circuits, sensors and actuators, and you understand the key attributes of them (how are they used and how to communicate with them)
* knowledge in wireless IoT-devices
* skills (preferable through hobbies) in Python and Linux - you know more than what's on the surface
* solutions-oriented, structured and independent way or working
* innovative nature
* will to succeed and commit to the job

Experience in similar roles will be considered an advantage. Relevant experience could be also e.g. working as an assistant during your studies in a project related to electronics/electricity/embedded systems.

We appreciate examples of your projects related to embedded software and Python-development as attachments to your application.

Other info

* Start: as soon as possible
* Duration: 12 months
* Location: Helsinki
* Contact info: This recrutment process is handled by Academic Work for their client Axitare Ltd, and all inquiries regarding the position should be sent to Academic Work.

We screen candidates with an ongoing-approach, and in case we have already moved to the interview stage of the search, this ad may be removed from our site prior to the recruitment process being finished.
Axitare Ltd is a Finnish company founded in 2016. The team has experience in home care collaboration for 28 years. A part of the team is in charge of managing service technologies, including ICT-development and the other part is managing developing services targeted to the elderly living at home. Axitare Ltd develops and offers their service technology and services to support the elderly living at home. Read more here
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