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Embedded Software Developer at Fidelix, Vantaa/Oulu/Tampere

Welcome to the world of smart building automation and indoor climate control as an embedded software developer! This role is in our virtual BMS team, allowing you to choose between Vantaa, Oulu or Tampere as your primary location.

But let's talk a bit more about what Embedded Software Developer does here at Fidelix.

Our smart solution helps to optimize energy consumption and ensure a high-quality indoor climate. With heating costs being among the highest fixed costs of a building, we help property owners to save both money and nature.

As an embedded software developer, you design, develop and implement the software built into our smart solution.

Right now we are concentrating on Linux based systems for our steady growth and plans to reach the international markets. This will have a significant impact on your role. We need you to be proficient in embedded Linux systems.

How our BMS (Building Managament System) Team works

We are a virtual team of seven collaborating to find solutions and answers. We are used to having an open dialogue and sharing knowledge to find the right answers together. 

We vouch for agile development and are very open to your suggestions on how to improve our practices.

We also believe that errors are an opportunity to become better. We can't have a colleague who is reluctant to get over it. 

There are a couple of things that you ideally identify yourself with:

  • We have pretty good know-how in JavaScript / NodeJS, Python, and C++ in this team. Let's keep it high in the future too.
  • Our hardware team expects us to stay on top of software architecture and ideate new functionalities that fit our stack.
  •  You are able and willing to work in English. (Finnish is no longer a requirement in this position.) 
  • Docker, Web APIs, and Python are heard and used around here. Won't hurt you to know what to do with them.
  • And hey, don't forget about the Linux-requirement mentioned earlier.

To give you an idea of what we have worked with:

We want to mention an IoT solution we recently developed for sanitation and pumping stations. While this may lack the sex appeal, we were pretty fascinated about it! 

After all, projects like these can take us to cool places like Iceland to develop control systems for geothermal reservoirs or indoor ice rinks to figure out what to do with the excess water. 

What do you think? 

Allow us to summarize now what we promise you:

  • This job is very concrete. What you do is immediately visible.
  • Concrete does not equal easy or dull. 
  • Make this your ideal role and base it on your strengths and interests.
  • Feel free to plan your working days and how you meet your goals as long as you collaborate with your colleagues.
  • If you ever feel change is welcome, consider our cloud services or machine learning an opportunity.
  • An openness towards development ideas. We like continuous development. 

Contact details and how to apply

Can you see yourself working with us? If you have any questions about this role, reach out to me, Pekka. My phone number is 044 558 9315 and email pekka.lantto@fidelix.com.

If you are ready to apply, let us know who you are and what you value in life, in your own words. Drop us the application by Friday 12th February 2021 by using the online application form. Remember to save your files. We like to kick off with the interviews during the application period, so no reason to keep anyone waiting and guessing.

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  • Ilmoitusnumero: 1413162
  • Tehtäväalue: IT/tietoliikenne, Tekniikka, Rakennusala
  • Työsuhde: Vakituinen työsuhde
  • Työn tyyppi: Kokopäiväinen
  • Hakuosoite: www-osoite
  • Sijainti: Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu
  • Lisätietoja antaa: Pekka Lantto, +358 44 558 9315 or pekka.lantto@fidelix.com