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Would you like to develop solutions that affect the everyday lives of millions of people or services that you are likely to use in your daily life? We at OP are actively taking digitalization in the banking sector to the next level. This way, we will be able to provide our customers top-quality banking services also in the future. This is where we need your help. 


Developer (Backend), Payment Services (Oulu)


Our job in the Payment Services tribe is to maintain and develop a truly wide range of payment-related services, such as internal payment capabilities, corporate cash management services, and APIs. As a pioneering team, we do not only build things we think are nice but work genuinely to solve our customers’ everyday life problems. That is also something we are very proud of. For example, some time ago our tribe came up with a reform of the old payment system and decided to jump directly to real-time payments. The jump allowed payments to move from one place to another in ten seconds (instead of days), while OP was among the first banks in Europe to provide real-time payments for its customers. Of course, this is just an example of what our calendars are fulfilled with.


What our team has done is appreciated to such an extent that we need extra hands to do the backend. However, we don’t mind if you read and write frontend code or are interested to broaden your scope on that side as well. The common task of your team is to design, develop and implement technical solutions and bring them to the bank customer for use in high quality. As a Senior developer, you will support your team by involving in developing and implementing high-quality technical solutions and real-time payment enablers. On a daily basis, you’ll get to work with databases, integrations, APIs, and automation.  

At OP, we are inspired by Agile teamwork and working together, so we hope that you will be enthusiastic and actively involved in developing and deploying DevOps practices to support your team’s work to improve technical agility. In the spirit of DevOps, we will take care of the solutions we make even after the first implementation. For us, DevOps means a state of mind where efficiency and quality meet through doing things together. Come listen to what DevOps means in our operations, get to know our Tribe Lead Antti, and get a sneak peek at how the real-time payment reform was implemented from a technical point of view.


•    Strong experience and independent knowledge of back end development, integrations, REST API’s and databases
•    Technology expertise (especially Java + Spring)
•    Knowledge of DevOps tools (Jenkins, Git, Maven) and DevOps practices
•    Experience of working in an agile development team
•    Understanding of cloud service development (AWS)
•    Working proficiency in English
•    Capability to also take tech leadership responsibilities if needed


We truly value your technical background, but the best person in this task is a person who has a fresh and bold way of thinking, with which you get excited about challenges and inspire others to solve them as well. We value everyone's own self-directed work input and vision of different ways to achieve good results. In addition, you get to work genuinely as an expert in your field, who gets freedom as well as responsibility for what they do.



As an operator in the banking sector, you could easily imagine anything else, but we are one of the largest IT houses in Finland and we produce the IT solutions visible to customers mainly independently from start to finish. That is why there are thousands of experts in the field in our house, and the developer culture, for example, already seems strong today. 
We also encourage and help you to further develop yourself as a technical professional. We have the so-called “70/20/10 rule” in use, which means you will use 70% of your time for your daily tasks, 20% to develop the way you do those tasks, and the last 10% is reserved for you to learn and try new things. You will also have our OP Software Academy at your disposal in case you are interested in learning new technologies or methodologies, or why not in honing your skills in your current stack. On top of these, we also have different career paths and can customize them according to your wishes. Is your career goal in leading projects and/or products, or maybe teams? Or do you wish to dive deep into technologies and work as a Principal Developer? We can help you with that!
And of course, we have a wide range of staff benefits including a personnel fund and special terms for employee banking, insurance, and loan services. We offer comprehensive occupational health care, extensive medical treatment expenses insurance, and a full-time group accident insurance policy, just to name a few.
Do you feel that this position might match your wishes? Let’s get to know each other! Apply for the position at the latest on the 26th of September. You can contact Competence Lead Jukka Merisalo (, +358405344230) for further information. We will be in touch as soon as we have processed your application. We hope to hear from you soon! 
Before signing the final job contract, we will carry out credit reference and security clearance checks, drug tests, and an occupational healthcare survey. 
OP Financial Group is the leading financial services group in Finland and a pioneer in the industry’s digital transformation. Owned by our customers, we are the largest financial sector employer in Finland. OP Financial Group employs over 12,000 professionals and provides banking, asset management, wealth management, insurance, and healthcare services for our more than four million customers. For more information about OP as an employer and all vacancies, go to


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