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Data Engineer
Next Games

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 16.8.2018

Do you think that Big Data is just yet another buzzword used by the uninitiated to describe something that could easily fit on the spare drive of your home server?

So do we. But some data are simply born big.

Here at Next Games, we believe that most expensive data are those corrupted or missing. Automation of reporting is the key: the programmers should be able to concentrate on making great games instead of gathering data for analytics. If the resulting data are fine-grained and technical, so be it: it can always be processed and reprocessed in the cloud to provide insightful information for different stakeholders. If the analysts have missed a key question, no problem: the existing data will probably provide an answer. Just help them deploy a new processing pipeline, press a button, and all historical data will be processed and the pipeline waiting for new data to arrive.

Do you suspect this scale of reporting would be hugely expensive and non-scalable? Let us convince you: with today’s managed cloud services, the costs can be accurately estimated for different scenarios. Do you want to surf this wave of technology development? We might have a job for you.

As our Data Engineer, you would work in the server team under the supervision of the CTO of Next Games, in close cooperation with the Analytics team. Your responsibilities would be tailored according to your expertise and interests. However, you should be capable of learning to understand and operate all parts of the lifecycle of data, from generating them on game servers and client devices, gathering them from external sources, and eventually to their assured destruction according to GDPR compliant retention policies. First and foremost, you should make the data reliable and available and develop the data platform according to different stakeholders’ needs.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Helping different stakeholders to get most of the data, either by debugging live issues or being part of longer-term data analysis projects by providing clean and validated datasets
  • Contributing to multiple different codebases in form of code and code reviews on a daily basis
  • Designing batch data transformation and feature engineering tasks according to data scientists needs
  • Operating data ingestion and ETL pipelines and managing related deployments

 You would need to have these:

  • 5+ years of software development experience
  • 2+ years of working experience with big data infrastructure and tools like Airflow, Beam and Pandas
  • Experience of working with big data technologies of cloud computing platforms
  • Excellent programming skills in Python and Java, and working experience with UNIX systems
  • Intermediate to expert level knowledge of OLAP-oriented SQL

You are not expected to have initial proficiency in all of these. Neither will you be given time to learn all from scratch:

  • DevOps skills and mindset for CI, deployment, configuration and monitoring
  • REST API design and development
  • Proficiency in Google Cloud Platform big data stack, including but not limited to Dataflow, BigQuery and ML Engine
  • Knowledge of data visualization and dashboarding tools
  • Knowledge of stream data processing frameworks, especially ones based on Java
  • Working experience in Microsoft Azure, .NET and Unity is a big plus

The tech? Glad you asked. Currently the game model is C# running on both the client devices and the servers in the Azure cloud. Most of the game analytics data is generated on the copy running on the server. It’s sent through dedicated server instances and Azure Event Hub to the Google Cloud. There, it passes through Cloud Pub/Sub service and a managed Apache Beam service into raw and processed tables in BigQuery database. The analytics pipelines processing the data further  — mostly BigQuery SQL — are managed by Apache Airflow.

Next Games is proud to be ranked as one of the best employers in Finland by the esteemed Great Place to Work© organization! We are the only game studio on the list and believe that our strong value-based culture is one of the main reasons our employees love to work here. We are passionate about our core values – Caring, Curiosity, and Courage – so these should be close to your heart as well.

Here at Next Games we aim high and will ask you to do the same. In exchange, you’ll be part of a team that is great to work with, who is dedicated and passionate about what we do – we believe passion is contagious. Giving each Nextgamer the tools and means to succeed in their job is our priority. We believe the fruits of our labor should be shared with everyone at Next Games. We offer the opportunity to work with a great bunch of passionate and dedicated people, a competitive salary and benefits package, and first and foremost a big challenge.

Does this sound like you? Send your CV and cover letter along with your salary request through the link below as soon as possible as we’ll proceed once the right person is found.