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Spinverse Group Oy

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 9.5.2018

What is pushing you to make changes in your job and career right now?

Are you maybe a high-flying management consultant who’s put in the 80-hour-week in order to gain the status and glory, but have started to yearn for a life with better balance?

Or perhaps you’ve built a career as an in-house expert, but desire a change where your business experience and skills could be used in a more versatile manner?


Spinverse is the Nordic leader in innovation consulting. We have specialized in open innovation ecosystems, arranging funding and helping our customers to renew in industries such as health, electronics, ICT & security, bioeconomy & renewables, manufacturing and energy. We, 50 Spinversians are based mainly at our headquarters in Espoo, but also at our smaller offices in Stockholm and Berlin. However, our customer base can be all around Europe. Our unique Spinverse Approach helps our customers to build a radical innovation to a 100+ MEUR business.

Don’t let our size fool you. In addition to this role, we have two types of career path opportunities to steer your Spinverse career: transferring from one team / industry to another or growing your consulting responsibilities through experience. Why not ask us more about your opportunities beyond this one role?


Consultant participates in customer innovation projects as a team leader or a co-member of the project team. The main tasks are:

  • Identifying and applying suitable consulting methodologies to different customer projects at all stages of the innovation life cycle
  • Working in teams to complement skills and knowledge with others

The unifying factor between our clients and projects is that they aspire to make the world a better place by means of innovation. We act as a sounding board for companies who want to test various risky ideas to recognize which ideas have commercial potential and who are the best players to work with. In practice, we are talking about guiding the customers for example with opportunity assessments, growth strategies,  business case planning, funding pitches or organizational/ecosystem development.

Not a lot of smaller companies like us can say the work they do has a global impact. We can and it gives a great purpose for our work.


We must say, we are clearly results driven, but we do that with a humane approach. We believe in a good work-life-balance and have seen it drive the high quality results of our work. This means that we offer you an opportunity to combine your ambitions between world-changing innovations and a high-quality personal life.

The 50 of us have very diverse professional and personal backgrounds. Many roads and paths have brought us to Spinverse. Many of us have an international flavour to life, many of us like new technology and gadgets, many of us are highly educated academics. All of us are hard working, and together we have a huge range of experience and knowledge from different industries and sectors.


During your first 6 months at Spinverse, we expect you to:

  • Become familiar with our on-going projects and our practices
  • Apply suitable methodologies both from your past experience and our past engagements in our projects and sales
  • Be proactive in settling in as part of our team.

After your first year you have:

  • Taken part in various profitable and interesting projects,
  • Gained the necessary know-how to apply a range of different methodologies in customer cases
  • Demonstrated your expertise by bringing value into sales proposals and sales success
  • Built trust with your colleagues lending a hand when needed


It is valuable for us that you are ready to work with various different cases and a wide range of different companies and industries. In addition, you should recognize yourself in the following:

  • Curiosity is our key driver to success.
  • Our people tend to have an appetite for continuous learning.
  • Teamwork is how we work.
  • Sense of humor drives our team spirit.

The critical know-how in an ideal candidate will be:

  • Previous experience from consulting methodologies and how-to-apply from a top tier management consulting firm, financial advisory or corporate strategy unit
  • Ability to produce high quality visual and verbal (presentation) material
  • Ability to communicate fluently and with confidence in Finnish and in English


Please submit a one-page cover letter and your resume here by 31.5.2018.

You are welcome to address any further questions on 18.5.  between 10:00-11:00 or  25.5. between 14:00-15:00 to VP, New Business Niklas Weckström: tel. +358 45 268 36 22.