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Competence & Culture Lead

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(Huomio! Toivomme, että osaat sujuvaa suomea: )

Are you a captain of industry, involving People Leadership from an IT environment? You may have even worked within HR at some point, or perhaps you are just a natural ‘shaper’ with intrinsic empathy and emotional intelligence to lead others? We are looking for a technically gifted people person, to take a Director level role at OP. Our internal title for this is called Competence Lead. (this position is at the ‘Tribe’ levecl. Let me explain…)


Last year OP began a fascinating cultural transformation, embarking on an overall path towards Agile, dubbed OP Ketterä. While we continue getting closer and closer to ‘tribe’ and team autonomy (there it is), our focus has simultaneously headed towards technical alignment and sustainable development, building a real engineering and developer culture. Less a bank and more a technology house, we have started seeing tangible improvements and increased efficiencies, while our internal cohesion and fulfillment is actually, joyous! Imagine that. 
One of the strongest points to mention about joining OP’s future as technology house is about balance: coming to work here is easy in that you will have balance, between work and life. Need to work from home one day? Need to leave by 3 to pick up your kid? Need to come in early so you can join your running club in the afternoon while it’s still light out? OP is the right place for you. We work to live. It’s in our Values: People First.



Now to explain who we are within OP:
Information Management

Data is at the heart of current and future business development at OP, and at the core of this are 75 professionals sharing master data solutions, state-of-the-art interface services, information management solutions and member banks' customer data solutions. Collectively, these create the preconditions for OP's operational business and accelerate the development of new services into high-quality data. Careful data management - data governance - ensures that we take good care of OP's information to also comply with the requirements of various regulations, including data protection issues.
Our tribe is an ‘enabler’ tribe, meaning we create services being used by other tribes to create services for customers. We know it seems fancier to work on the UI level but here we are in the background, providing Master Data. Although we don’t directly do customer facing applications, we have many critical links to other development tribes. Most of our people understand we are in a central role when it comes to creating sustainable data architecture. We are the glue, the cement to fuse elements that transmit information. In a more human analogy: If Data is the water of this company, we are the supporting elements to transmit this info into your bloodstream!
Within OP, Information management is a natural part of all the work that development tribes do.


Your role, is to serve this tribe, concentrating on leading through soft skills (while your Tribe Lead who will work closely with you, leads through hard skills). You will coach and develop people, building a culture of professional identity in our Agile setting. You’ll be responsible for a team of about 25 or so internals, and about 50 externals. Your team consists of Developers, Lead Developers, SPOs, Information Analysts, Data experts, etc. You will make sure we have the right people in the right place (at the right time), you’ll facilitate trainings, competence of information management to be instilled and in place. You’ll handle <some> recruitment, but primarily you will be enabling others to deliver on what they need to deliver, and keeping the balance throughout everyone’s day, and spirit. 



Now a more official description of responsibilities, entitled Competence Lead:


  • Enables the organization's new agile approach to actively creating a culture of professional identity within the area of expertise and influencing stakeholders
  • Continuous development of expertise in their area of expertise and providing the best knowledge to tribes to ensure competitiveness, including in-house vs. external design
  • Continuous human development and overall chapter competence growth through leadership, goals, feedback and discussion
  • Continuous sharing of knowledge both inside and outside the area of expertise
  • Identification of resource needs, ongoing inter-tribal dialogue, recruitment, training and capacity building
  • Strategy and implementation of external resources, competencies and services together with procurement roles. Management responsibility of external suppliers
  • A strategic and technical road map for your area of expertise to ensure the correct purpose and mission of a multi-chapter entity. Responsible for the cost-effectiveness of their area



If this sounds like you, please apply directly here!