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Backend Engineer (Invoicing Service)

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 1.8.2019

Our team is defining our invoicing logic to a separate Ruby on Rails service and following through to extract the invoicing related models from other services.

We work with technologies like

  • Message Queues (Redis, RabbitMQ)
  • Background Processing (Sidekiq, Sneakers)
  • Databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB)
  • private cloud (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • online services like Salesforce and NetSuite

Learn more about what it's like work with us at smartly.io/developerand smartly.io/blog/how-engineers-work-at-smartlyio.

What we're looking for:

  • Experience in building backend applications, preferably in Rails
  • Working knowledge of SQL
  • Developing integrations with Netsuite is a big bonus
  • Kubernetes or other Docker orchestration platform experience is a bonus

As a Backend Engineer you will:

  • Bringing together invoicing-related logic and models to the new service
  • Design, build and operate microservices running on Kubernetes.
  • Collaborating with Finance, other product development teams and DevOps

Benefits of working with us:

  • Competitive salary + option plans.
  • Recharge yourself with full 5 weeks of paid annual leave. 
  • Healthcare insurance/service.
  • Wellness and personal development (tools, events, etc.) reimbursement. 
  • Work with the nicest and brightest teammates in a self-organizing team.
  • Opportunity to travel to meet Customers, Facebook and Smartlies at our offices around the world via our Developer Rotation program. 
  • Enjoy weekly breakfasts and quarterly dinners with the team. 

What to expect from our recruitment process

1. First meeting: before diving deeper into your tech skills, we want to know who you are and what motivates you. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about Smartly.io.

2. Technical interview: we’ll discuss areas relevant to you ranging from frontend development to networks, security, and development methods. We’re trying to get a clear overview of your skills and where you could learn more.

3. Coding exercise: we’ll be pair programming in Node environment to make sure that you can also code. Previous experience with Node.js or JavaScript is not necessarily required, as the session will be very interactive.

4. Meet your future team to learn what they are working with. After that, the final interview with Engineering Director and your team lead.