Backend Developer Scala – Payment Service Cards (Stockholm-Oslo-CPH-Helsinki)

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You’ll be powering Payment services 
As a backend developer you’ll join an open and sharing community with highly skilled colleagues. Take for example Terho, who designs and develops a fully automated eCom card payment platform and describes himself as 5% fisherman and 95% wizard. You can come as you are and be at your best at Nets. You will find the freedom to balance with an exciting job and life outside of work. In location vise, there is also some flexibility.

Your key tasks and responsibilities are with backend systems and Internet facing systems. You will design and implement the software and system architecture in our AWS cloud environment and develop functionality in a secure manner, after all, we process card holder data and keep it safe. You automate the infrastructure and software deployment and delivery by commanding our CI/CD system on AWS.  

Job Description

Skills, ambition and that little personal twist make you succeed  
Your professional skills and experience form most of your qualifications, but it’s also your personality that makes the difference at Nets. The team has great skilled people onboard and they know what they are doing. We expect you to speak your mind and be prepared to justify your thinking. Having said that, it’s not all grinding our teeth, but also knowing when to laugh at our mistakes. We believe in teams forming, storming and then performing.  


Critical to your success in the team are your functional programming skills (we work with Scala), good command of SQL, knowledge of operating Linux in production environments, understanding of cloud software architectures and previous experience in working with development and operations of a PCI DSS system. We also see you will fit the team well if you have hands on experience in working in a DevOps team responsible for the product end to end. 


We will appreciate your Scala and AWS knowledge and experience with card payment services. Having NoSQL / document database experience might hint at a special hat role for you in the team. 


Additional Information

Apply now to power your career

Apply now or contact Ted Bowman if your interested to learn more about the job and Nets. We will call people in for interviews on a continuous basis. 

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