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Azure Data Engineer & Data Analysts

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 1.11.2018

PwC is looking for future Microsoft Azure talents to grow into demanding tasks to support our clients in unlocking the data possibilities for business value creation. We are specifically focusing in finding motivated individuals for the following roles:


Azure Data Engineer

In the role of the data engineer, you play a critical role in designing, building and operating data pipelines in the Microsoft Azure environment. Your primary area of responsibility involves preparing data for analytical and operational uses from data ingestion, integration, processing, structuring and storing to creation and monitoring the performance of automatised data pipelines in Azure.


Your have an inherent ambition to grow your professional capabilities towards taking mastery over the diverse and rapidly evolving Azure technology stack and eagerness to find the optimised technology approach for any particular use case in question.


You’ll get to apply your knowledge and skills in practice through development of PwC’s internal data platform serving our all four core business areas as well as in PwC’s client engagements.    


Data Analysts

As PwC data analyst, you are passionate in finding answers to important business questions by applying different analytical methods and tools over data. Your main qualification for the job is the desire to continuously improve your data superpowers in converting the data to concrete business value.


Your skills portfolio will evolve from descriptive and diagnostics analytics approaches eventually towards predictive, prescriptive and AI-powered use cases. You are keen on understanding all the details what the data can (and can’t) tell and you acknowledge the significance of translating the data storyline into understandable common language reinforced with effective data visualizations.


In PwC, you get a chance to work with the most interesting client assignments and PwC’s strategic development initiatives within data, analytics and artificial intelligence offerings.