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Are you an ambassador of cloud solutions? What if you could work in a community that wants to live and breathe future and agility while making an impact and take ownership in the direction of a 12,000 person iconic Finnish brand? Great – this could be your chance!


What it comes to OP’s DevOps culture, we have come a long way. Change is exciting and challenging – but also inevitable. But most importantly, it has given us more time to focus on what really matters.


AWS (Devops) Specialist 


As AWS (Devops) Specialist you’ll be the ambassador and mainstay of building DevOps capabilities in a Cloud environment at an Enterprise level. Our job in Engineering and DevOps team is to develop technologies that promote the adoption of DevOps practices, making sure that cloud infrastructure is well designed, and automation is in place. The job is located in Helsinki.

While DevOps is about technological agility, everything always ultimately comes down to people. Hence, you’ll be acting as a specialist and owner for certain areas of technical agility while supporting our teams and tribes on how to follow and develop DevOps practices in their daily work.

Our target is sustainable development by building true ‘craftsmanship’ on teams in our Agile environment. You’ll be working in close cooperation with OP’s developers, demonstrating hands-on modern software engineering, showing how to build micro services and deliver fast into production. Essentially, coding and coaching AWS, CI/CD and related practices to development teams. AWS infrastructure is the main playground while contributions to traditional infrastructure and integrations are welcomed. 

To be successful in the role, one needs to be hands-on as well as hands-off. Coding and building scalable and modern solutions for the development community is a hands-on part, doing technical coaching and taking the solutions into use together with the teams is a hands-off part. In addition, you get to work genuinely as an expert in your field, spreading superior knowledge and building up great developer experience within the development community.


So, what you’ll be doing:


  • automating development processes, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and enabling these practices by coaching teams in the area
  • automating tools, environments, infrastructure automation, and implementations of various integrations (IaC) and coaching teams in the area
  • valuing and developing good development practices such as code review, clean code (SOLID), code quality, feedback cycles, small batches, and coaching teams in the area
  • coaching technical key stakeholders deep into technical agility and related development practices into the world of DevOps and real-time data


What we hope from you:


We don’t expect you to master everything since day one but hope you to have experience and already gained knowledge at least some (or several) of the areas below:

  • Deep knowledge of Agile software development and related practices
  • Experience in programming languages, for example, TypeScript and Java, as well as familiarity in scripting languages
  • In-depth AWS knowledge and experience on cloud-native technologies and serverless computing 
  • Experience in building microservices, REST-services, monitoring solutions (for example Datadog or Dynatrace)
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code (AWS CDK, CloudFormation, Terraform)
  • Experience in DevOps tooling, CI/CD automation, test automation methods, security testing tools 
  • Having a relevant AWS certification like AWS Certified DevOps Engineer or AWS Certified Solutions Architect is definitely a plus!


We truly value your technical background, but the best person in this task is a person who has a fresh and bold way of thinking, with which you get excited about challenges and inspire others to solve them as well. We value everyone's own self-directed work input and vision of different ways to achieve good results. 

Hence, we hope you have a solution-based approach and proactive furtherance. You have an eye on details and long-lasting solutions while having the ability to perceive large abstract entities, ability to recognize dependencies, issues, and risks. You communicate smoothly with both tech and biz people (both in Finnish and English).

What is the catch, then? 

We now have both a right and a responsibility to dedicate time to improve our individual skills, to build up the competencies we personally feel would help us evolve. You are encouraged to learn and grow (at work!). This working model organizes our ways of working into 70% ‘business as usual, 20% improving operations and continuous improvement, and 10% building up new competencies and learning and growing as humans. Modern Working culture at its best.


OP Software Academy
You will also have our OP Software Academy at your disposal in case you are interested in learning new technologies or methodologies, or why not in honing your skills in your current stack. Or maybe you’re interested to share your experience with other developers? Great! Learn more about OP Software Academy and listen to our OP Tech Podcast episode on Software Academy (the episode in Finnish). 


On top of these, we also have different career paths and can customize them according to your wishes. Is your career goal in leading projects and/or products, or maybe teams? Or do you wish to dive deep into certain technologies? We’ve got you covered! OP Sounds like a great place to work, doesn’t it? If you are still  wondering how your day as an OP employee could look like, here’s one example how our preserved developer’s work-day looks like. 


Furthermore, of course, we have a wide range of staff benefits including a personnel fund and special terms for employee banking, insurance, and loan services. We invest in wellbeing at work by encouraging a good work-life balance, providing flexibility in your daily life, and offering lunch, comprehensive occupational health care, sport and cultural benefits, and opportunities for affordable holidays in OP timeshares.

Sounds interesting?

Great, we can’t wait to hear from you! The application period is open until 24.10.2021. However, we are going through the applications already during the application period so don’t hesitate with your application. Any questions in mind? Henri Helakari (Head of Engineering and DevOps) will be happy to answer your questions via email (henri.helakari(at) or via phone (+358406375522).


In the financial sector, our business is founded on trust and accountability, which is why the successful candidate will be checked for credit history and corporate connections and must take a drug test and fill in a health questionnaire. 


OP Financial Group is the leading financial services group in Finland and a pioneer in the industry’s digital transformation. Owned by our customers, we are the largest financial sector employer in Finland. OP Financial Group employs over 12,000 professionals and provides banking, asset management, wealth management, insurance and healthcare services for our more than four million customers. For more information about OP as an employer and for all vacancies, go to  


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