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5G Senior Service Architect
Elisa Oyj

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 2.9.2019

5G Senior Service Architect

Are you ready for 5G? Elisa is now recruiting 

5G Senior Service Architect

Are you keen to be one of the digital frontrunners? We frankly speaking do not know what the service architect will be doing in a few months time, although we can share a great deal of the experimentative processes that are part of the role. However, we can learn something from history: 2G enabled text messages and email; 3G boosted mobile apps; 4G changed the way we consume videos – and all these were disruptive unexpected changes – again we cannot fully predict what will come about with 5G! That is for you to solve.

What will be the killer app for 5G? In this role your job is to experiment and find out as a member of Elisa 5G new services development team. In the first half a year you will run 30-50 experiments and find out a few worthwhile to consider them a viable product. At this point you will make a handover to the next team to scale it a global success.

It is of utmost importance you work in close connection with the many Elisa experts across the organisation, whilst the more you bring a relevant future and 5G orientated service architect network of your own to the company, the better. 

In essence, we are looking for an expert communicator who skilfully interacts both with partners and internal organisation including C-level executives as well as startups. Ability to be trusted by the organisation in 5G E2E themes is of high importance in order to successfully organize workshops and summits related to 5G new service development. 

Are you interested in this once in a tech generation opportunity? Have a look at further requirements and more detailed job role description, and if you deem this is your slice of the 5G cake, please do not hesitate to drop us your CV by applying to this position. If you want to know more information about the role, please contact Kimmo: kimmo.pentikainen@elisa.fi

  • Requirements
    • Ability to solve problems creatively, strong analytical skills, customer oriented, work systematically under tight schedules. 
    • Have system requirement analysis and network-wide design capabilities. Be able to independently and quickly master ICT communication systems. Be able to work with mobile network personnel as also with startups to fast create lean startup approach based MVP solutions and deliver 5G projects. 
    • Have strong influence in the industry, be able to serve as the advisor of customers, and be able to preside over the development of technical solutions.
    • Deeply understand the mobile network business flow, plan and design of the top-level architecture of the wireless communication system in the carrier network
    • Ability to identify 5G business / network pain-points and promote a suitable solutions to match our strategy and use efficiently 5G RAN and core domain.
    • 2G/3G/4G/5G technology and solutions
    • 8Y+ experience in mobile networks
    • Excellent written and oral English communication skills
    • Strong business communication skills
    • Strong technical communication abilities with directors, managers and engineers 
    • 5G use case development and installations experiences are preferable (5G solution trials are acceptable )
    • AR/VR/MR/Hologram Solution Design experiences are preferable
    • Doctorate degree from university in Telecommunication domain is preferable
  • Position Description:
    • Manage, architect, analyse and troubleshoot on technical and operational aspects of 5G service development based on lean startup methodology
    • Collaborate with industry and startup partners to experiment 5G  technology solutions
    • Industry Insight: Deeply understand and observe about the telecommunication industry, network strategies, business, services, and operations, and influence the 5G service development mid- and long-term strategies and plans.
    • 5G Product development responsibility: general technology responsible of 5G new service development projects. Ability to utilise the company resources to support, adopt digital tools, lead in the E2E solution design and transfer the value to customers to identity best new 5G service solutions for further development.
    • Lead agile technology development for new 5G services based on lean startup methodology. Direct the early phase new service technology development of the 5G products. Cultivate wireless & cloud core network teams with the professional skills of 5G to prepare the organisation for new 5G services.