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20 New Games Industry Professionals, GamePro
Saranen Consulting Oy

Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä 17.4.2019

Have you dreamed about working in the games industry? Level up your career by applying to take part in a Finnish success story.


Through the GamePro program several gaming companies are looking for fresh talent to a variety of different roles. The aim of the program is to grow 20 new talents to the games industry. This is the 9th GamePro program and through an industry-wide collaboration (including Neogames), already 190 professionals have found their place in the Finnish games industry!


GamePro gives you a unique chance to develop your skills and get the opportunity to find your dream job in the games industry. The program combines both on-the-job learning and trainings held by seasoned industry veterans and aims to give you a flying start to your games career.


In which games company are you interested in working in?

Several games companies are looking for new talent through GamePro e.g.

  • Futureplay
  • Bugbear
  • RedLynx
  • Superplus
  • Black Block
  • PolkaDot
  • Remedy
  • Dodreams
  • Kuuasema

More companies will be listed on the site throughout the application period. You can find a more comprehensive list of the companies and roles at https://www.saranen.fi/rekrytointikoulutus/gamepro/


What we can offer

  • opportunity to work in the highly successful games industry
  • immediate chance to work on interesting games projects
  • 20+ days of trainings by industry veterans
  • chance to build your network in the games industry


Can I apply? Do I stand a chance?

We expect you to have a genuine interest in the games industry and it doesn’t hurt if you have something to show for it. Your background can be almost anything as games industry offers work for people with very different experience. You can have educational or experience-based background in e.g. technical, graphical or commercial type of roles.


You can apply for GamePro if you are currently an unemployed, registered jobseeker, facing the prospect of unemployment or on a temporary employment contract, plus you have an active account with TE Services (Labor Exchange).


Finnish language skills are not required. The training sessions are held in English, and for most game companies, English is a primary language. So, don’t hesitate to apply!


GamePro F.E.C is labor-market training program and during the program you will receive the salary-linked and basic unemployment benefit, and the labor market support, to which you are entitled as an unemployed person, as well as having your expenses reimbursed. The most important goal of GamePro is an employment contract with your own cooperation company at the end of the recruitment program. You can get more information about applying and financial support from the Labor Line Education Advice service on 0295 020 702 or koulutusneuvonta@te-toimisto.fi.


The duration of the program is 6 months (11.6-3.12.2019).


GamePro is a close collaboration between the Uusimaa Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, TE (Labor Exchange) Services, Neogames, recruiting companies and Saranen Consulting.  



Interested? Apply now!

Go ahead and fill out the following two applications, as the selection processes will start right away.

  1. Fill out TE Services’ training application online here.
  2. We also ask you to list your work experience and skills, or to attach your resume/CV to Saranen Consulting application system. The profile you create here will be your showcase for hiring companies.


Fill out both applications with care because they are used to select applicants to the next stages of the process. The application period ends on the 15th of May 2019.


More information:

Mira Tapiola, mira.tapiola@saranen.fi, 0451716787